Review: Christopher Knight Home Troy Outdoor 19″ Liquid Propane Fire Column

Christopher Knight Home Troy Outdoor 19" Liquid Propane Fire Column









  • Has a pillar form factor that doesn't take up too much space
  • It's quite durable, but definitely needs to be covered for inclement weather


  • The fire does not provide a very large heat coverage, usually at the highest setting is when you're really going to be feeling the heat
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2019)

When it comes to your outdoor living space in comparison with your indoor one, the main difference is just how dynamic the outdoor living space is. The weather has an effect on how you experience it, but the great thing about having an outdoor living space is that you can have vastly different things than you would have inside. In this case, I’m talking about heaters that use fire. There are appliances such as patio heaters, fire pits and in this case, we’re reviewing a fire pit table. Or rather a fire pit column.

The type of heater that you use is going to affect how you experience your outdoor living space, but also how it makes your place look. This Troy column fire pit heater is definitely an eye-catcher with its genuine stone look, but let’s see what it really has to offer is worth paying for.


Feeling the Heat:

The power output of this fire pit heater is 40,000 BTUs and overall, this amount of heating output is okay, at the same time it’s not so much that you’re likely to make a big statement of awesome the heat is with this fire pit. 40,000 BTUs from a flame is not going to provide a constant heat source if there are windy conditions as having the flame move around can affect where the heat goes. With this Troy fire pit, you can expect to sit 4-5 feet close to it and feel the heat from the fire fairly well.

Another thing is that we’re mentioning having the fire at the highest setting, so putting it at a lower level will obviously mean that you’re going to feel less heat.

Fuel Usage:

With that said, putting the fire at a lower level isn’t all that bad and that’s because you’re able to use less fuel. To fuel the fire pit column, you’re going to need to use a 20LB propane tank to do so. Having the fire on its highest setting will result in about 7-8 hours of use, but having the fire at a lower setting can very well give you a few more hours of usage if you don’t mind having less warmth available for you.


One of the best thing about purchasing fire pit tables such as this one is they already come assembled so you don’t have to deal with instructions, screws or tools. Right out of the box, this column is fully built, and the only real “assembly” that you have to do is connect the gas hose to the propane tank and place an AAA battery inside the ignition so that you can actually light the fire.

Size and Weight:

The size of this fire pit column is quite small, but at the same time, the tall height of the fire pit is what makes it most noticeable. As it has a length and width of 19.5 inches so it has a square shape and the height of the table is 29 inches. The weight of this fire pit column is very heavy as a weight of 92.6 pounds. So if you plan on moving it around, it’s a good idea to have someone else help you. It would have made sense to have wheels at the bottom to make it easier to move around.

Overall the tall height of the heater means that if you’re sitting down to experience the heat from it, then you should have tall chairs so that you can do so. As heat rises.

Functional Components:

Using this fire pit heater is quite easy, that said, there are times when the auto-ignition doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. To use the fire pit, you have to open the hatch door at the bottom and that’s where you can find the gas hose, and connect it to a propane tank. The propane tank goes inside the fire pit column so it’s out of sight when you actually use it. However, the controls such as the dial knob and ignition button are not hidden and that’s kind of a flaw with this fire column as it takes away from the pure stone look that this fire pit has.

To actually light this fire pit, you have to turn the propane tank on and wait for about 1 minute. Then you can press the dial knob in, and set it to low. Once set to low, you can then press the ignition multiple times every few seconds for about 45 seconds and then press the dial knob in and set it to high, and then the fire should light.

If that doesn’t work, then the alternative way is to actually light it up manually such as a match or a lighter.

The table comes with Lava rocks and it’s the standard type of rocks that come with fire pits. That said, if you want more flare and style with this fire pit, then we highly recommend using fire glass. As it makes the fire look better.


Structure and Material:

Even though this fire pit column looks a lot like stone, it isn’t made of it. Instead, some of the material that’s used here is steel and some of it is composite. Overall, the build quality of this fire pit is pretty good, but at the same time, it’s not the best and you should definitely be using the cover that it comes with. The cover is made of plastic and does a good job at keeping the fire pit safe from the elements that would otherwise erode the materials away if it weren’t covered.

Also, if you’re wondering if you can use this fire pit in an enclosed space, you can, but you must make that it’s a very well ventilated place. If not, then you should not, and that’s because the propane lets off fumes that can be harmful within an enclosed space.




The BTU output of this fire pit is good but it isn’t as good as it leads on, since if you want to feel something you have to be quite close to it and also have the heat up to its highest setting.


It has a tell height and that means having chairs that reach the top of the fire pit are mandatory and are important for you to take advantage of actually using this fire pit. Lighting it up is straightforward, but there are times when the auto-ignition doesn’t work and you have to light it up manually.


The fire pit does look to be quite sturdy with its materials, but you’re definitely going to have to use a covering so that it doesn’t wear away.



The this Troy fire pit column has a few flaws that might question whether or not its worth it and those questions are not without cause. As the heat isn’t really up to expectations and the height can be difficult to match up with.

Christopher Knight Home Troy Outdoor 19" Liquid Propane Fire Column

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  • 19.50"D x 19.50"W x 29"H
  • Made of magnesium oxide & metal
  • Natural stone in color, compliments most existing décor - 40,000 BTU
  • No assembly required. Note: Does not include liquid propane tank or glass rocks
  • The Troy fire column, featuring 40,000 BTU, is a wonderful addition to any patio. This fire column is sure to provide you and all of your guests with warmth for those mild summer nights.

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