Review: AZ 11,000 BTU Table Top Stainless Steel Patio Heater

AZ 11,000 BTU Table Top Stainless Steel Patio Heater









  • Has a very small size and lightweight weight making it easy to move around
  • No Assembly required as it's a small patio heater
  • Very strong build with Stainless Steel being used on this Model


  • Doesn't have a very high heat output

One of the best parts of certain products is that even when there’s a large version of it that’s popular, there can also be a smaller version that can be just as useful for some people. We’re talking about patio heaters here, and most of the time people want to purchase the larger ones that look like a lamp post and also the fancier looking ones that look like they should be in Hawaii. That said, bigger doesn’t always mean better and a small tabletop patio heater is the way to go if you want heat on a smaller scale. You also get a lower price point.

In this review, we’ll be going over the AZ Tabletop patio heater. Let’s see if it’s worth using out on your patio for those moderately chill days or if you should just stick to large, full-sized patio heaters.


The power output of patio heater is not anywhere close to the same as your larger patio heater, so if you’re purchasing patio heater expecting it to have the same level of heater diameter as a large one then you’re going to be disappointed. The main reason for that is because most large patio heaters have BTU ratings that are in 40,000 range and that can cover about 9 feet. Pretty good.

Feeling the Heat

However, tablet top patio heaters such as this one are a lot smaller and let off less heat. In this case, this AZ patio heater has an output of 11,000 BTU and that can cover about 2 feet. This is definitely the type of heater that you’re going to be setting on a table and having chairs surround the table and that’s really the only way that you’re going to be able to feel the heat.

Another thing is the weather that this patio heater is good for, if it’s 50 degrees, and not too windy, then it’s going to provide an optimal experience. If it’s colder and windier then the effect of the patio isn’t going to be as substantial.

Fuel Usage

Since this is a small patio heater, the hose that it comes with is quite small and so it can initially take a 1 pound propane tank. With that said, you can most definitely use a 5″ adapter to use a 20LB propane tank and that can last you a longer duration of use. For example, a 1lb pound tank is going to last you about 2-3 hours for medium use. While a 20lb propane tank is going to be able to last basically an entire season or many seasons to come no matter how high of an intensity you keep this patio heater at.


When it comes to actually using AZ table top patio heater, it’s quite easy. Just use the hose at the bottom of the patio heater to connect to your propane tank. No matter if you’re using a 1lb or 20lb propane tank, you have to turn it on all the way and just wait for about 1 minutes. Once that’s done, turn your attention to the dial and the red ignition button that’s at the center of the stock.

Functional Components:

You have to press the dial in, and then it to the lightning logo and that’s basically the ignition mode. Keep the dial pressed at the ignition logo for about 30 seconds, depress and then press the red ignition button. The ignition button basically turns on the pilot light and then you can press the dial and turn it to high. Then that will turn on the patio heater. You can get turn the dial from higher to low depending on your heating needs.

Just something to know is that the flames on this AZ table top patio heater actually don’t die down at all and that can translate into a problem when it comes to using this patio in-doors. We’ll get to safety concerns in the build quality section of this review.

Size and Weight:

The most obvious part of this patio heater is that it’s small. It has a height of about 3 feet and it weighs 19 pounds. So overall, you’re going to be able to move this patio heater around quite easily as it’s lightweight and also small too.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this AZ patio heater is very good as the one that we’re reviewing has a stainless steel build. So it won’t have wear and tear nearly as much as ones that are not stainless steel.


If the patio heater just tips over or if it goes into an angle that’ll make it tip over, then it will automatically turn off. Also, if you’re curious if you can use this patio heater inside, the simple answer is that you can but you have to make sure of two things before using it indoors.

You have to make sure that the ceiling is about 4 feet higher from where you’re placing this patio heater. Also, since the fire of on this patio heater is quite large, you should have an open window or door to outside to make sure that there isn’t a build up of Carbon Monoxide as that can definitely be lethal if you’re breathing it in.



If you plan on purchasing this patio heater, just know that it’s meant for table tops and that it has a low BTU of 11,000 that can cover about 2.5 feet. Also, it’s mostly meant for moderate weather and not for those bone chilling cold days. Actually powering this AZ patio heater yields great results and that’s because you can either use a 1 pound propane tank or you can use a 20 pound propane tank too.


It’s a small heater and that means you can simply pick it up and move it another location, as where with full-sized heaters you would need the assistance of someone else. It’s quite easy to use, from connecting the propane tank to actually getting the patio heater to run.


This model that we’re reviewing is made of stainless steel and this is really the model that you’re going to want to go with as it offers better resistance to wear and tear. For your safety, you should have a high ceiling clearance from the patio heater and also make sure you have outside circulation of air as having the patio heater in a completely enclosed space can be dangerous.


If you’re searching for tabletop patio heater that offers some great heating ability then we highly recommend this mini AZ table top patio heater that’s made of stainless steel.

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