Review: Belleze 48,000 BTU Stainless Steel Premium Patio Propane Heater

Belleze 48,000 BTU Stainless Steel Premium Patio Heater









  • Has a Higher BTU Output than most other patio heaters
  • Uses a Stainless Steel Build
  • Easy to move around on flat surface with its wheels


  • Assembly can be difficult without the assistance of someone else

One of the most useful things that you can have out on your patio is a patio heater. Patios are a very dynamic part of your house, and that’s because they’re the outside part and as a result, the weather can be a large part of how you experience your patio. Most of us, if it’s Autumn or even Winter and you want to spend some serene time out on your patio, it can be difficult because it’s quite chilly out there. The best solution to that is patio heaters.

Patio heaters are great for equalizing your experiencing and make it bearable to be able to take advantage of your beautiful patio and what it has to offer. Even during the Spring or Summer months, patio heaters can be rather useful on those cool nights and use the patio heater on a light setting. One of the famous brands out there is known as Belleze, and in this case, we’re reviewing their Premium 48,000 BTU patio heater.

It’s just a little more powerful than your traditional patio heaters, so let’s see what else it has to offer in terms of its other attributes.


The power output of this patio heater is one of the most important parts, as it’s what you’re going to be experiencing the most. Most of the time large, lamp post-like patio heaters have at least 40,000 BTU and they can cover about an 8 feet diameter. It’s quite good and for the most part, you’ll only need a single one of these large patio heaters.

This Belleze patio heater has a 48,000 BTU patio heater and that means it has a heating diameter of about 9.5 diameters. So this is basically going above the average BTU heating power and therefore you can have more coverage with the number of people that are on your patio at once.

Feeling the Heat:

Then if we’re talking about the actual heating experience, this is a strong patio heater. There are of course levels of how much heat output that you want it at, and it depends just how close you’re sitting near it. But overall, having it at a medium or near-high level can basically be the best level. That’s because you can feel the heat all the way to the floor and that’s quite good when you consider that the heat comes from the top of the patio heater.

When it comes to powering this patio heater, you’re going to be using a propane tank. This one is able to use a 20LB propane tank. Belleze says that you can use a 20LB tank for about 10 hours, but your usage amount is going to differ depending on how high of an intensity you have it at.

Fuel Usage:

Fortunately, there have been many customers that have reported that it doesn’t use too much fuel as having this heater at its max setting can seem unnecessary and so place it at medium can likely take its 10-hour approximate duration to about 15 hours. As a result, a full tank can last you a full season or a few seasons depending on how much you use it.


Size and Weight:

It’s a large patio heater as it has a height of 7.2 feet, and the weight of it is 41 pounds. So it’s something that you’re not able to pick up and place somewhere else too easily, and you might need somebody else help moving it. At the same time, you could just use wheels at the bottom if you’re moving it across even flooring.


Puting this patio heater together isn’t much of a problem as it comes with instructions that point to which pieces are which alphabetically. You can also find the alphabet letter on the pieces themselves and that makes putting the pieces together even easier. If you’re worried about needing screws or the tool to put this together then you shouldn’t be. That’s because it already has screws and a screwdriver, so it already has all things necessary to put this patio heater together.

Functional Components:

When it comes to the actual functioning parts with this patio heater, it’s pretty much standard with what you’d expect, and that means it has a seamless operating look. At the bottom of the patio heater is where it’s quite large and that’s where you’re able to fit at 20LB propane tank. The patio heater itself already has a 5’ hose that you can use to attach to your propane tank and once that’s done, you have to turn on your propane tank fully, and then wait about a minute.

Wating a minute lets the gas travel up to the patio heater and then also at the top of the patio heater is where you’re going find the controls. The controls with this patio heater include a Red ignition switch and a dial that has four options which include: Off, Pilot, Low, and High.

You have to press the dial in and turn it to the Pilot setting and that’s where you keep it for about 30 seconds, as this patio heater uses a Piezo ignition. Once that’s done, the Pilot light will be turned on and that’s when you can turn it to high or low and the patio heater will turn on with the flames surrounding the grill on the top.

The flames will be quite large at first but go down after a bit, but of course will be larger the higher you put the heat. A concern that some people have with patio heaters such as this one is if it’s loud or not. This one is not and doesn’t make noise as there’s really nothing to make noise. You might hear the crack of fire if something like a bug touches the fire, but that’s about it.

Other Uses:

Also, another thing at the bottom of this patio heater is a weighted plate, you can also fill this plate with either water or sand to make sure that it’s better stabilized on the flooring you place it on. This patio heater does use two wheels at the bottom, so you don’t have to pick it up if you just want to slide it somewhere else, so you can just tilt and slide.

When it comes to using this Belleze patio heater in the wind, it doesn’t pose too much of a problem. The reason for that is because it has a constant feed of fuel for the flame to keep going and so you might have those windy days that it’ll blow the fire, but it likely won’t blow it out. However, if we’re talking about gusting winds, then yes, it’s best to place the patio heater is a secure location as it can potentially tip over.


Structure and Material:

This patio heater is made of  Stainless Steel but unfortunately, or at least the one that we’re reviewing is.And even though most people who have already purchased it have said that it’s fine to leave this uncovered when not in use, we think the opposite. The elements can still wear down the steel on this patio heater and can potentially cause rust if it continuously has moisture on. The best solution is to have a patio heater covering it., unless you plan to place it inside somewhere it’ll be safe.


When it comes to more mechanical build qualities, this patio heater feels very premium to use just as its name implies. The dial for increasing and decreasing heat feel great, and so does the ignition too. Safety with it is also quite good as it has a tipped over safety switch that turns off the gas and that means the patio heater turns off in the event that this patio heater falls over.

The patio heater is made for using outside, that said, if you do choose to use it outside, then you need to make sure that you have about 2 feet of clearance above the patio heater. That’s because even though it does have a reflective heat shield, the top of the patio heater does actually get pretty hot and that can be a fire hazard with too close of a proximity to another heater.

Another thing with using this patio heater indoors is that you must make sure there’s air circulation to outside, as it has fire and that can be a Carbon Monoxide hazard.



It has a higher power output than other large patio heaters and that means it can cover more of a diameter. Also, you can fuel this patio heater with a 20LB tank and it can likely last longer than the estimated lasting time.


It’s quite a large and heavy patio heater, but it’s at least easy to use when it comes to connecting the propane tank and also turning it on. It doesn’t waiver its heat during the wind but it can if it’s gusting winds, so you should keep a lookout for the weather when it comes to owning this patio heater.


Building quality of this Belleze patio heater is alright, but you should use a covering for it to make sure that it doesn’t rust and protect it from the elements. Another thing is that you make sure you keep it tied to something to up against something os that it doesn’t tip over. Luckily, if it does tip over while on, it automatically turns off.


Overall, if you want more of a heavy duty patio heater that has all the same basic functions as other patio heaters within its class, then this Belleze patio heater is a great choice.

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