Review: Best Choice Products Aluminum Gas 57″ Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products Aluminum Gas 57" Rectangular Fire Pit Table









  • Has a High BTU Output which makes heat easier to feel
  • The Size of the table is quite large, so it makes more of a impact on your outdoor living space
  • Comes with a Cover and also a Fire Pit lid to use this as a normal table


  • Not fully rust resistant, so you have to make sure that you place the cover on it while not in use

Fire pit tables can be an awesome addition to your outdoor living space because they look absolutely beautiful when it comes lighting them or just using them as a plane table. The functional part of them can be just as useful because even though they’re not real fire pits that use actual wood they can put off a decent amount of heat that can be useful for staying warm in most cases. Perhaps the thing that many fire pit tables have in common is that most of them are square and even though most of them look great, it can get quite stale when you notice that most of the ones on the market have the same shapes.

That’s why we’re reviewing this Best Choice Products fire pit table that has a rectangular shape to it and this form factor isn’t really common on many fire pit tables at all. So the BTU output and the heat that you feel from it may be quite different than the heat you feel from traditional fire pit tables.


The heat output of most fire pit tables is quite high, that said, just because the BTU output is high doesn’t mean that you’re going to be feeling lots of heat that are coming from the table. The reason for that is because most of the heat isn’t focused as it’s mostly a wild flame even though it’s powered by propane. So the heat that you get can vary on a lot of factors such as how close you’re sitting next to the table and what the temperature is like outside.

Feeling the Heat:

This Best Choice Rectangular fire pit table is a bit of an exception to that rule of them not being able to output a lot of heat and that can be thanked due to the long design of this fire pit table. As a result, having a longer length, this fire pit table is able to have more flame and therefore increase its heat output. This means at the highest level, this fire pit table is able to output 50,000 BTUs and that’s a lot more than most tables are able to output, and some patio heaters can’t even output this much heat.

Of course, like we said before it’s not focused heat, but if you do have the fire at a high level that you’ll feel it about 8 feet away, getting close to warm up is definitely going to make you feel different. It’s a perfect amount of heat if it’s used during the Autumn months, and also for Spring and Summer too. Winter is the time that you’re probably not going to take advantage of the heater as it’s way too cold for the heat to really do anything. That said, the fact that it’s a table mean that you’re able to have quite a few people sitting around it taking in the heat.

Fuel Usage:

To fuel this table you’re going to need to use a 20LB propane tank which goes at the bottom of the table. When it comes to fuel usage, this fire pit table is actually pretty great as even when you’re using it at its highest heat setting you can end up with 12 hours of usage with just a single propane tank. Another thing is that if you have it at a lower setting then it’s ultimately going to last you for many more hours. Ultimately you go a full season without having to replace the propane tank or refill it, or possibly a few seasons depending on your usage of the tank.


Putting this Best Choice Products fire pit table together is actually quite easy. You might be looking pictures of the table and thinking that we’re totally lying but the truth is that it’s easy enough because if you look closely you’ll notice that the table is made up of large parts and therefore you have very few parts to actually put together. The table actually comes with all the screws that you need to use and also all the tools that are necessary to put it together.

The instructions that come with the table are detailed enough as they use pictures and arrows that explain where the pieces go. It would help if you had someone else to assist you with putting the table together and that’s because having someone else hold some parts in place can make the process go much faster.

Size and Weight:

When the table is fully built, it has a rectangle shape and it’s the best part of the table as it looks very modern and the long length of the table is the reason that it’s able to output so much heat. The overall measurements of the table are a length of 57 inches, a width of 22 inches, and a thickness of 24 inches. The weight of the table is 74 pounds, so you’re definitely going to need help when it comes to moving the table around.

Functional Components:

Using this fire pit table is very easy. At the bottom of the table when you open the compartment door is where you’ll find the gas hose that’s connected to the burner and you can use that you to connect it to your 20LB propane tank. You can then set the propane tank inside the table so it can’t be seen. Then turn on the propane tank all the way.

Once that’s done, locate the two controls on the outside of the table and that would be the ignition button and the fire dial. To actually ignite the fire you have to hold the ignition button for about 45 seconds and then push the dial in and set it to high setting, then the fire will turn on. It’s quite easy to start up and there have been no difficulties when it comes to actually getting the fire to turn on.

The center of the table is where the fire comes from and thankfully, this table actually comes with fire glass and it’s better than lava rocks as it makes the fire more radiant.


Structure and Material:

The built quality of this fire pit table is absolutely top notch even though it’s not made of stainless steel. Instead, this table is made of extruded Aluminum which is quite durable and it has a brownish finish to it. Many customers have reported that the table doesn’t rust. That said, it does come with a cover and we urge that you actually use it.

Using a cover can prevent any problems in the future and so it’s best to cover it up when you’re not using it.



The heat output of this fire pit table is very good and higher than most other tables. Therefore you can feel it some feet away from the table most of the time. Fuel usage with the table is also quite good and a single tank can last you for about a single season.


The design of this table is the best part as it has a long length which is something that not many tables have. It’s also easy to put together and for when you light the fire up.


Build quality is very good as it doesn’t rust easily, with that said, you should still cover up the table just in case as the elements can basically wear down anything.

Specs of this Best Choice Products Aluminum Gas 57″ Rectangular Fire Pit Table:

  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs
  • Usage: Uses an Auto ignition system
  • Build: The Entirety of it is Made of Extruded Aluminum
  • Size: 57 x 22 x 24.8 inches
  • Weight: 74 Pounds
  • Includes: Covering for the Table and Lid for the Fire Pit


Overall, for the price, you’re definitely going to be getting what you pay for with this Best Choice Products fire pit table. As it has some power specifications and a beautiful design that just yells “Luxury!”.

Best Choice Products Extruded Aluminum Gas 57" Rectangular Fire Pit Table w/ Cover, Glass Beads

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as of September 30, 2023 3:17 PM


  • Constructed with weather resistant, heavy-duty extruded aluminum for years of durability
  • Designed with 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner while the base stores a 20 lbs. propane tank
  • Doubles as an elegant outdoor table with a fire pit lid
  • Includes glass beads and a vinyl cover to preserve the fire pit table's quality when not in use
  • Overall Dimensions: 57"(L) x 22"(W) x 24.75"(H)

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  1. Not a Quality Product. I purchased this Fire Pit Table w/ Cover direct from Best Choice Products (Order No. #820725) on August 11, 2019. We used it a handful of times and stored using the included cover, which is paper thin, plus extra protection. When we uncovered on April 1, 2020 we discovered the metal top had bowed and broken through the finish. I exchanged emails with Aerie D. and instant messages with John F. at BCP requesting a replacement part. They both informed me the item only has a 60-day warranty. They also said purchasing a replacement part was not possible. I told BCP that I would be sharing this experience to encourage buyers to avoid this product and company. Big disappointment.


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