Review: Best Choice Products Natural Stone 30,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Firepit

Best Choice Products Natural Stone 30,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Firepit









  • Can go up to 30,000 BTUs that can offer plenty of warmth during cold weather
  • Easy ignition system with a dial to control the size of the fire
  • Built well, but you should still always place the cover on top of the fire pit
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Most of the time when we think of tables, we just think of the usual things such as something that we use to put things on. When it comes to outdoor furniture though, things change as there are tables that are also fire pits. They can change even more as some fire pits tables are more organic looking such as this Best Choice Products Stone fire pit table. Well, it’s not too much of a table, as the surrounding parts are not somewhere that you’re going to want to place a cup or plate.

However, because of its more organic presentation, this may very well be the type of propane fire pit that you want as it can blend in with quite a few different outdoor living spaces. So let’s take a closer look to see what it has to offer with its very low and close to the ground design and then if it’s better than using a traditional fire pit table.


With most propane fire pits you’re going to get a good amount of heat output, and in this case, this fire pit can output 30,000 BTUs. This is quite low in fire pit standards but it does well enough when you place the fire at its highest setting, so it’s at the 30,000 BTU level that you can take advantage of. However, this isn’t controlled heat that’s going to be focused on exactly you since it’s a flame that’s outputting the heat.

Feeling the Heat:


That said, to make the most of the heat from this propane fire pit we highly recommend sitting a maximum of 4-5 feet away from; sitting any further will cause you to not feel the heat and not take advantage of the heat nearly as much as you can.

Fuel Usage:

To fuel this fire pit, you’re going to need a 20LB propane tank and the fire pit comes with a gas hose that you can use to attach it to your propane tank. The longevity of one full propane tank is going to vary just how high you have the heat. Having the heat on the highest setting can result in a 10-hour usage of a propane tank. Going lower with the heat usage can result in a few more hours if you want to conserve fuel.


When it comes to putting this fire pit together, well, there isn’t assembly required so there’s nothing to put together. The entire fit pit is already assembled and that’s a great part as most fire pit tables require assembly and that can be a hassle most of the time. In this case, though, all you have to do is attach the gas line to the burner and then attach the gas pipe to your propane tank and you’re ready to use it. One of the best parts of owning this fire pit.

Size and Weight:

The size of this fire pit is just perfect and by that we mean it’s not too large and not too small that it doesn’t leave an impact on the way that your patio or any other outdoor living space looks. It has a diameter of 28 inches so the shape of this fire pit is a perfect circle and the height of it is 9.1 inches so it’s very short. The shortness of this fire pit is one of the main reasons that we don’t categorize it as a table, and also because the sizes of the table are stone-like and therefore you can’t place anything on them without having them fall over quite easily.

The weight of the fire pit is 40 pounds, so you should get some help if you do want to move it.

Functional Components:

Now, you might be wondering if the 20LB propane tank goes under the fire pit, but unfortunately, it doesn’t, and instead, you have to use the 3-foot gas pipe that it has to connect to the propane tank. So you will have a pipe that runs out of the fire pit, and we think that’s the one flaw with this fire pit as it takes away the organic look of it.

Once you have the propane tank connected, then turn your attention to the dial knob and ignition button on the fire pit. You have to press the dial knob in and turn it to Low and then start press the ignition button repeatedly. Then after 45 seconds, release the knob and then ignition of the fire should occur. If the fire doesn’t light then you should just repeat the process, but this time instead of relying on the ignitor to light the fire, you can just use a long match to light the fire.

It doesn’t always work and that’s one of the main problems when brands promise that an automatic ignition is superior as it leaves you with disappointment.

Once the fire is on you can then adjust how much fire you want.

The center of the fire pit is where the fire comes from and that’s where you can place the lava rocks that come with the table. Or you can use fire glass which is better as it increases the radiance of the fire and you’ll need about 18 pounds of fire glass to fill the center of the fire pit.


Structure and Material:

The fire pit tries its hardest to look like stone but the closer you get you can figure out that it’s more plastic and composite combined. At the same time, that’s one of the main parts that make this fire pit so durable. However, covering this fire pit is still a must and luckily it comes with a cover that you can use to protect it from the elements.

After constant use though, time and other factors can wear down the materials and cause the is a fire pit to flake and that’s when you should use something like Thompson Water Sealer to make sure that everything stays looking pristine.



It has a good amount of BTUs that able to give out a good amount of heat but at the same time, you have to make sure that you’re quite close to the fire pit.


Not putting the propane tank under the fire pit makes it lose some of its aesthetic looks but we find that it’s the only way as the fire pit is too short to fit a propane tank underneath it. Lighting the fire is quite straightforward but there are times when you have to manually light it using a match or lighter.


It’s not made from real stone, and we think that’s a good thing as it would wear down very quickly and the price would multiply a few. Instead, it’s mostly made of plastic and composite that you’re going to want to cover using its cover that it comes with. Also, there are sprays that you can use to restore and protect it from wear and tear too.

Best Choice Products Natural Stone 30,000 BTU Outdoor Gas Firepit Specs
Heat rating (BTU/hour)Maximum - 30,000 BTUs
SettingsAdjustment Dial
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteNo
ControlsOne-step spark-ignition button with a flame control adjustment knob
Fuel TypeLiquid propane 20-lb. tank (not included)
MaterialMagnesium Oxide (MGO)
Size27.6 D x 27.6 D x 9.5 H inches
Weight40 pounds


This Best Choice Products Stone Firepit is a more natural take on a propane fire pit that has a few hiccups but nothing too major from finding its way to making your outdoor living space looking more phenomenal.

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