Review: Best Choice Products Square Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products Square Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table









  • Heat of the fire can actually be useful when you're sitting around it
  • Has a little hiccups with lighting it via auto-ignition, but manually lighting holds no problems


  • Can stain a lot with moisture touching the surface of the table and it creates non-removable stains too
(Last Updated On: February 11, 2018)

Having a patio means that you’re able to get furniture to furnish it with. Patios are basically a living room for outside and the best part is that that you don’t have to get the same things that you get for a regular living room as this is outside you’re dealing with. You can get things that look more exotic, and things that you wouldn’t even think of putting into your living room such as a fire pit table. A fire pit table is a great addition to a patio as it can make your patio look more beautiful and most of all it can give you a little warmth and improve your overall experience while you’re outside.

This Best Choice Products fire pit table looks exceptionally beautiful, at the same time, you should definitely reserve your finals thoughts on it and that would be because it might just have a deal-breaking flaw. So let’s take a closer look.


When it comes to the BTU output that fire pit tables have to offer then you can’t really expect too much and the reason for that is because of their design. Especially when the pit fire table boasts a high BTU level. In this case, this Best Choice fire pit table has an output power of 42,000 BTU and that can be really good and mean a lot if we’re dealing with a patio heater but we’re not. The reason that it doesn’t matter too much is that you have a flame that’s creating the heat and since the flame isn’t focused in any way then you’re not really going to be feeling the intense heat that you would feel if it were focused.

Feeling the Heat:

That’s why it’s better to have a patio heater if you do want more serious heating out on your patio. That said, when it does come to heating with this fire pit table then you’re going to want to turn the flame all the way to high and that’s going to result in feeling the heat about 5 feet away. Having fire lower means that you’re likely going to be closer to the table and that’s really how this fire pit table is meant to be used, meaning having you and your family/friends surrounding the table and hanging out.

Fuel Usage:

This fire pit table is fueled by a 20LB propane tank that is not sold with the table, and when it comes to the fuel usage, then you’re going to very surprised that this table sips on the propane. Having the fire on its highest setting will allow you to get about 15 hours on a single tank, so if you’re using less than that then you can very well use a single propane tank for a few seasons if you wanted to.


Assembly for this fire pit table is very easy and that’s because there’s actually very little assembly to do. There are the four bottom sides that have to be screwed in with threaded screws and also the top side has to be screwed into the bottom base parts. The burner is already fully assembled and you can just drop it through the center and that’s screwed in using four screws.

Once you have the burner in, there’s nothing to move around or adjust and all that’s left to do is just plug-in the propane tank.

Functional Components:

Speaking of the propane tank, it goes at the bottom and you can just open the compartment that leads to the bottom of the fire pit table. Then you just take the gas hose that has a 5-inch adapter and plug it into the propane tank and turn the tank on all the way and that’s how the burner is provided fuel.

You can then locate the dial knob that’s used to adjust the fire, press it in and then turn the dial and the fire should turn on as this fire pit table uses an auto-ignition system. That said, it doesn’t always work and that’s why you’re going to have to use a lighter or match to light the fire. We don’t find that lighting it manually to be the biggest problem and that’s because it’s easy to do.

Size and Weight:

The size of this fire pit table is quite good. It has a length and width of 45 inches and the height of the table is 23.5 inches so it’s about two feet tall. These are very good dimensions as the table is small enough that you can stand or sit quite close to it that you can feel the heat from the flames and there’s also enough space at the top of the table that you can use it to put your drinks or even better, you can also place your feet on top of the table for those chilly days.

In the center is where you can place fire Glass beads that comes with the table and the benefit of using them is because they amplify the glistening of the fire and they eliminate the emission of ash that would otherwise be present if you were using a real fire pit. Each of the beads is about 1-inch in length.


Structure and Material:

This is the weakest point of this fire pit table. Many customers have complained that the coating the steel of this fire pit table is terrible. That’s because if you get water on it, the coating comes off and it leaves white stains everywhere. Now, the table does come with a covering but at the same time, even having the covering on and leaving it outside still makes the stains happen and that’s because the Nylon covering that goes over the table doesn’t fully stop the water from getting through.

Since liquids damage the casting on this fire pit table so much, you have to be careful not to spill anything on the table and also using coasters seems like a good idea if you are going to purchase this fire pit table. Also, many customers have reported that they’ve contacted the company to ask for a solution to problem but unfortunately all they’ve replied with is that they’re not supposed to leave the table outside, so don’t think they’ll have your back if you do choose to purchase this table and end up staining it.




The fire definitely emits a good amount of heat, with that said, it’s not focused heat and so in order to make the most of it you’re going to have to turn it up all the way and be quite close to the table. Fuel usage with this table is quite good but it doesn’t matter how high you’re keeping the heat.



The strongest point of this fire pit table is the design and that’s because it’s quite easy fitting the propane tank at the bottom and using a dial to turn it on. That said, one thing that does happen quite often is that it might not turn on automatically and that means you’re going to have to light it manually. It has a very good size with it either being level or beneath you while you’re set on a chair which allows you easy access for putting your feet up and placing your drinks on the side.


The build quality is alight when we’re talking about the steel, but the coating on the steel is the worst part of this fire pit table as it can get heavily affected by liquids which causes the coating to peel off and that results in white stains.

Specs of this Best Choice Products Square Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table:


  • Weather-Resistant Aluminum
  • Fire glass Included
  • Dark brown and Bronze Finish
  • Works with standard 20 lbs. propane tanks (not included)
  • Includes flat Lid and Nylon Cover
  • 42,000 BTU
  • Assembly required (with instructions and hardware)


  • Overall Dimensions: 45”(L) x 45“(W) x 23.5“(H)
  • Base Dimensions: 33.75”(L)x 33.75”(W)
  • Weight: 80 lbs


For the most part this Best Choice Products Fire Pit table is a very valuable and gives a great experience when it comes to its ambiance and heat. That said, the easily stainable coating on the table is a deal breaker to an otherwise awesome table.

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