Review: Blue Rhino Endless Summer GAD860SP Gas Fire Pit Table

Blue Rhino Endless Summer GAD860SP Gas Fire Pit Table









  • Has a very large size and leaves more of a impact on your outside living space
  • The Fire is quite large and you can feel it when you sit around the table
  • Comes with Lava Rocks, Logs, and a Covering


  • Top part is made of Slate and not individual tiles

Most of the time when it comes to the type of furniture that you put out on your patio, you’re going to want to go with things that look fancier than what you would put in your living room. That’s the beauty of having a patio or basically an outside living space in general and that would because you can have more freedom of what you want to furnish it with. In this review, we’re examining a fire pit table and a fire pit table can be a great addition to your outdoor living space as it acts as a fire pit but on a modern level that also acts as a table that the whole family and your friends can enjoy.

We’re reviewing this Endless Summer fire pit table, its received quite a lot of praise from past customers and it actually seems to be one of the better fire pit tables that you purchase on Amazon. So let’s what the positives are and see if we can identify any cons that may be lurking in the shadows.


The power output of many fire pit tables is actually quite high, that said, you shouldn’t be fooled by the numbers and that’s because the heating design of a flame isn’t really meant to distribute a lot of that around the table. That’s because you’re just dealing with a flame that’s heat isn’t being directed and therefore you won’t be getting an intense heat most of the time. This Endless Summer fire pit table has a 40,000 BTU heat output and even in fire pit table terms that’s pretty good but at the same time, you have to set your expectations realistically.

Feeling the Heat:

In order to actually feel the flame from this fire, you’re going to have to be about 6 feet from it and that’s when it’s on the highest setting. So putting it on a lower flame will result in you having to move closer to feel the heat. With all that said, this is a fire pit table so you’re likely going to be sitting around it anyways and it’s best to use for chilly nights and not really meant for extremely cold nights as the heat from the flame isn’t that intense. We’d say that it’s great for Autumn, Spring, and Summer.

Fuel Usage:

Another thing to consider with fire pit tables is the amount of fuel that it uses and once again it’s going to depend on how high you have the flame at, but at the same time, it doesn’t matter too much. The reason for that is because this fire pit table uses very little fuel and most customers have reported that it mostly lasts for every hour of the pound of propane tank that you’re using. So in this case, since this fire pit table uses a 20LB propane tank (which isn’t included with the table), then it can very well last you about 20 hours with a full tank or a little less if you’re constantly using the fire pit on the high setting.


When it comes to actually assembling this fire pit table, it’s very easy. Instructions on how to put the table together come with it and thankfully, you won’t be needing any screws or tools from your side as this table already comes with its own screws and tools that you can easily use. The instructions are quite clear on where to place things as it uses arrows and pictures showing where things specifically go.

Perhaps the one trouble point is if you’re building the table alone and that’s because there are pieces that need to be held in a single spot and so having another person can be very helpful.

Overall, you’re mainly just putting together the bottom of the fire pit table, and that would include the doors, and the legs and attaching them to the top of the table which is basically all just an entire piece.

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of this fire pit table are definitely on the larger scale than others, small fire pit tables that you’ll find on the market. That’s because it has length and width of 41 inches and it has a height of 21 inches. So the height of the table is good and is normal when it comes to these types of products and we think it’s good as you get a commanding view of the table and are able to place your feet on the edges for heat.

The length and width are quite large and that’s not a problem either as it makes the table more noticeable and since it’s a good looking piece of furniture it makes your outdoor living space even that much better. Just make sure you measure the space around where you plan to place this fire table before you actually purchase it. As it would be a real pain to have to get it and not have it fit in your planned area.

Functional Components:

When it comes to actually using this fire pit table, it’s good to make a checklist to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly. Just what do we mean by that? Well, let’s go ahead and make a checklist right now on how to turn on this fire pit table.

Firstly, the propane tank goes at the bottom of the fire pit table, just open the door and the burner actually has a gas hose that you can use to connect the propane tank. Once the propane tank is connected you can just turn the valve to fully on.

The two main controls that actually turn the fire on to this table are also found under the door. The two controls are the control knob and the ignitor button. The fire thing that you have to do is push in the ignitor for about 5 seconds and then hold the control knob in for about 45 seconds, perhaps even more or else the fire will keep shutting off and then once you’ve held it in, you can then turn the knob to high and the flame should turn on.

At the center of the table is where you’ll find where the fire comes from and that’s where you can place the lava rocks and fake logs that the fire pit table comes with. That said, we recommend opting for fire glass rocks or beads and that’s because they give the fire a more of a lively look and improve the ambiance of the overall table.



Structure and Material:

This is a very well built table and we think that you’re definitely going to get what you paid for in this case and that’s because the top of the table actually has tiles, and the bottom portion is made of steel. With that said, the bottom of the table is not made of stainless steel and luckily the fire table actually comes with a covering for the entire table. However, the covering for the table is actually quite bad and that’s why we highly recommend getting a fire pit table that is a lot thicker and provides true safety for the table.

So just make sure that you cover the table when it’s not in use to keep it safe from moisture as that can result in rust and wear down the top part of the table.

Using this fire pit table inside is fine as long as you have a ceiling that’s about 6 feet high along with very good ventilation and using it on a wooden patio is safe too as the bottom of the table doesn’t hot at all.

For more insight and assembly instructions, take a look at this video:



The heat output of this table is quite high and is enough to give out heat that you can feel about 6 feet away. We think it’s a good amount of heat for a fire pit table but don’t expect to heat to the level of a patio heater.


This Endless Summer fire pit table is easy to assemble but when it comes to actually turning the heat on there is a step to follow and it can be frustrating if you’re not executing them exactly like they’re supposed.


Build quality is pretty good but at the same time, you’re still going to want to purchase a separate cover for this fire pit table as the one that it comes with it doesn’t keep it very safe from rain.

Specs of this Blue Rhino Endless Summer GAD860SP Gas Fire Pit Table:

  • Heat Output: 40,000 BTUs
  • Usage: Uses an Electric Auto Ignition
  • Build: Slate and Steel
  • Size: 41.3 in. x 41.3 in. x 22.4 in.
  • Weight: 162 Pounds
  • Comes with: Lava Rocks, Logs, and Covering
  • Materials: Slate and Steel


This Endless Summer fire pit table is one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing a fire pit table for your outdoor living space from its ambient fire, heat and to its stylish looking design.

Endless Summer, GAD860SP, LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl with Slate/Marble Mantel

$396.91  in stock
as of September 27, 2023 3:47 PM


  • 40,000 BTUs will heat up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Beautiful multi-colored slate and marble tile table
  • Lava rocks and logs included
  • Multi-spark electronic ignition for easy lighting and door with easy access to tank
  • Variable settings to set the heat or set the mood.Simple Assembly - No Tools Needed

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