Review: Blue Rhino Uniflame Endless Summer Propane Fire Pit Table

Review: Blue Rhino Uniflame Endless Summer Propane Fire Pit Table









  • Has a very nice look to it and the use of Fire Glass makes it look great


  • Has problems coming with correct screws
  • Cover that it comes with is very thin
  • Lighting it can be troublesome as the pilot light goes out quite often

Online shopping is the new way to shop and it’s only growing as you can view all the products that you potentially want to purchase in a faster way. Another great part is that you never have to leave your house and can do all the shopping from the convenience of your home. However, as awesome and wonderful as online shopping sounds, the one main flaw that it has is the shipping aspect of it. Sure, we all know that you have to wait for receiving the products but during shipping is when the product can get damaged.

Bigger items have a higher chance of getting damaged because they have more mass that can move around and hit other objects. In this case, we’re talking about fire pit tables. Yes, fire pits tables are one of those items that can get quite beat up if the shipping process isn’t careful. At the same time, the manufacturer should make sure that the product holds up during shipping.

This Endless Summer, GAD1001B Gas Outdoor Fire Pit is one that isn’t really built the best and due to that, the shipping process can actually take quite a beating on it. There are quite a few other problems that go into the build quality of it, so let’s take a closer look.


The power output of any heating appliance is what really matters most, as it’s one of the main reasons that you’re purchasing a heating appliance in the first place. This Endless Summer fire pit table is not something that you’ll be purchasing for the heat and that’s because the heating output is simply not high enough to be a substantial heat source.

It has a 30,000 BTU output and this is on the low-end when it comes to fire pit tables, as most other fire pit tables have a heating output of 40,000 BTU. With its 30,000 BTU, you’re going to have to be about 4 feet away from the fire to feel it and even so, we’re talking about having the heat on the highest setting. So don’t purchase this if you’re expecting to get lots of heat, and it’s going to be good to use in temperatures that are over 50 degrees, as it won’t do a lot on lower temperatures.

Also, to fuel this fire pit table is a 20LB propane tank and since you’re going to be using a fire pit at its highest setting constantly, then you can expect to have a 7-8 hour use of on a single full tank. So if you’re using the fire pit on a lower setting then that can result in a few more hours of use, but overall, it’s nothing too substantial.


Assembly of this fire pit is needed, and the part about putting this fire pit table together is that you might not get all the pieces. There are have been many reports of customers not receiving the screws that are supposed to come with the table; there are even some cases with customers receiving screws that don’t even the fit table. This is not good at all considering the price that you’re paying and the fact that it’s not coming with all the pieces or it is coming with the screws but you have to go out of your way to actually get the right ones.

Actually putting the fire pit together (if all things come with it), is quite easy as you’re mainly just putting the bottom part of the table together. A tip is to make sure that you place the screws in loosely, so you’re more easily able to move things around when it all comes together. Having someone else assist you with building the table can be helpful as they can hold parts while you put them together.

Size and Weight:

The size of this table is quite large as it has a length and width of 32 inches, so it has a square form factor. The height of the table is 28 inches, so it’s actually quite tall, but not so tall to the point that you’ll have trouble being above the fire, but it does have a decent height that’s taller than most other fire pit tables.

Functional Components:

Another pain point of this fire pit table is when it comes to actually using it. You have to connect the gas hose to the propane tank, and this fire pit table uses a 20LB propane tank. Once the propane tank is connected you can then turn it on all the way and then wait about a minute before moving onto the next step.

The next step involves using the knob dial and the ignition button and this is the other place where this fire pit table fail at. This fire pit table is supposed to light when you press the ignition button a few times, which turns on the pilot light, and then you press in the dial knob in, set it to high and the fire comes on.

That doesn’t always work though, as the pilot light doesn’t always stay on and that’s when you have to resort lighting the fire manually, which can be a pain if you’re not used to doing that with most fire pit tables such as this one.

In the center of the table is where you can place either Lava Rocks or you can put Fire glass in the center. Fortunately, Blue Rhino has two different versions of this table, with their being one that has a Black color for the table and it comes with Blue fire glass. The one other version is the Bronze colored table and it comes with Lava Rocks.


Structure and Material:

Most of the table is made of steel, and even though that may sound good, which it is, it isn’t made of stainless steel and that can be a problem if it were too exposed to water. That’s why it’s wise to use the cover that comes with it. At the same time, the cover that this table comes with is actually very thin and made of plastic, so relying on it for very heavy weather can be a mistake as it could potentially rip the covering apart.

We recommend getting another cover that has a better build quality.



The power output of this fire pit table is not for providing a substantial heat source, and if you want to make the most of the heat then you’re going to need to have it on the highest setting.


It has a tall height, in comparison to other fire pit tables. Actually getting the fire to light is one of the worst parts about it, as the auto-ignition doesn’t always work as the pilot light doesn’t stay lit. Also, it’s quite ridiculous that there are some shipments that go out with no screws or screws that don’t even fit the table.


It’s made of steel, but you should use a cover and relying on the one that comes with it isn’t the best idea as it’s very thin.


Overall, this Blue Rhino firepit tale is a pass on our part simply because it seems like a quick cash grab from the company. It isn’t optimized in any area and just seems light it was thrown together to just make a product.

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