Review: Bond Rockwell 68156 Gas Fire Table 30″

Bond Rockwell 68156 Gas Fire Table 30"









  • Has a 50,000 BTU output, which is rather high for a fire table
  • Features stainless steel legs
  • Comes with Lava rocks


  • Top part of the table is made of cement
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One of the best parts about having a patio is the furniture and that’s because the patio is such a dynamic place that you can use to place quite a few things that make it look very nice. In this case, we’re talking about Fire Pit Tables. Fire pit tables can be a great addition to your patio or any other type of outside living space and that’s because they provide heat and a great level of ambiance that makes your living space look more lively and can attract neighbors which in turn builds relationships. That said, we’re doing a review on a quite a well-known fire table from Bond Rockwell.

A fire pit table isn’t a purchase that you should make in haste and that’s because of the price and you have to make sure that it’s up to your standards. In this review we’ll cover what makes this fire table good and bad and if it’s truly worth your money.


Feeling the Heat:

The heat output of fire tables is one of the main parts of them, that said, it’s not exactly the reason that you’re purchasing one. Yes, they do let off heat but fire tables are just that, the heat is created from fire and that type of heat can’t exactly be focused. This Bond Rockwell fire pit table has a BTU of 50,000 and not that’s not a typo. It definitely has a high heating output, and if you’re putting the fire at its highest level then you indeed are going to be able to feel more heat. With that said, since the heat of the table isn’t focused on a certain direction such as a patio heater’s heat would be, you have to be quite close to it.

Just how close? About 6 feet if you have the heat on the highest level and if you have it any lower than that then you’re going to have to be sitting around the table. The good news is that most of the time you are going to be sitting around this table as that’s what it’s mainly for as it’s big and beautiful to be around once you turn on the fire.

Fuel Usage:

Then there’s the fueling with this Bond Rockwell fire pit table and its fueled by a 20lb propane tank that is not included with this table. The fire table doesn’t use too much fuel once it’s lit but at the same time it’s going to depend on how high you have the heat setting on, since putting the fire at the highest setting will result in about 15 hours of use of a single tank, so if you have it less than its highest setting then you can get many more hours.

Most often a single propane tank will last you for one season or multiple seasons too.


Putting this fire pit table together is easy and that’s because it comes with all the parts, screws and it also comes with its own screwdriver. To put it simply, putting the table together is pleasant as it involves screwing in the four legs and the sides panels to the main part of the fire table. That said, you must make sure that you don’t tighten the chassis down to the table until all the screws are in, or else you’re going to be unscrewing and screwing back in pieces and that can result in 30 more minutes of work.

If done correctly, you’re able to put this fire pit table together within 40 minutes.

Size and Weight:

Once the fire put table it fully put together, what you’re left with a is a table that has a length and width of 30 inches so it’s a perfectly squared shaped table. The height of the table is 24 inches, so two feet. For some, the table might be small but it’s the perfect size when it comes to being a fire pit table as you don’t want something that’s too big and tall as you won’t be able to feel the heat from the fire.

Having chairs that go around this table is perfect as it has a low height that you and your friends can sit around and feel comfortable with.

Functional Components:

Using the Bond Rockwell table is simple enough, you just have to know what you’re doing. Once you have the fire put table fully put together you’re going to end up with a small compartment at the bottom and that’s where you can place your propane tank. The table already has a gas hose that you can use to connect to the propane tank as it has a 5-inch adapter. Once you plug the adapter into the propane tank, you can then fully turn on the propane tank, and then turn your attention to the firing knob on the fire pit table.


This fire table uses an Auto-Ignition and therefore Bond Rockwell states that it’s very easy to light the fire, and that’s true sometimes. Sometimes all you have to do is just push the knob in and turn the dial to turn the fire on and you’re good to go. However, there are other times where you turn the dial, expect the fire to automatically turn on but it doesn’t and then that’s when you have to manually turn on the fire by using a match or a lighter.

Or Manual ignition

You can do a manual ignition simply by moving the rocks out of the way and the light near the gas pipe opening and you can place the rocks over the flame and adjust how much fire you want. Even though it might seem quite absurd you have to manually light the fire at times, we don’t’ really hold it against the fire table too much as many other appliances hold the same problem and it’s quite easy to get it going even when lighting it up manually.

At the center is of course where the flame goes and the table actually comes with a 15 pound bag of Lava rocks that you can place at the center of the table, They look okay when you turn on the fire but at the same time using Fire Glass rocks would be a better purchase and that would be because they reflect the fire and overall make the fire of the table look a lot more aesthetic.

This fire pit table also comes with fire pit covering and that means you can place it over the center where the rocks and flames are when the fire isn’t in use, so you can basically use this as a regular table.


Structure and Material:

It’s a very well built fire pit table, with that said, there aren’t many parts that are stainless steel and that can come as a disappointment for those that are looking for that level of build quality. As a whole, we think that you’ll like the look and feel of the fire table.

The base and the legs of the table are made out of steel and so it the body frame of the table too. At the top where the tiles are is where it’s actually made of cement and so it’s one place where they cut costs by not using real individual titles. Not really a major thing, but if you are someone that wants a very genuine look and quality it may put you off but most people won’t notice that this fire table doesn’t use real tiles.

Then there are the legs with this table and most people are worried about it being wobbly and as long as you’re placing the legs in the correct way then you don’t have to worry about the table being wobbly. The only reason that it would be wobbly is that you might have it on an uneven surface.

Even though this table does comes with a covering that goes atop on the center, and there are many customers that have left this out in the rain and have not found there to be any negative side effects, we recommend purchasing a cover for it as water can potentially get into the gas pipe and that can be bad. Also, enough moisture exposure can result in rust. However, if you do accidentally scrape this table then you can use a marking pen that fortunately, comes with the table to cover any markings.



Even though this fire pit table has a 50,000 BTU rating, it only matters if you have it on the highest setting and even then the flame is not being focused in on a particular area. The good side is that it doesn’t use a lot of fuel up and you’re able to use a single tank for a few seasons.


It has an exquisite design that we find to be easy to put together and once it’s put together it’s easy to use with the auto-ignition or at least when the auto-ignition actually works. When the auto-ignition doesn’t work then you have to resort to lighting it manually which isn’t as bad as it sounds as all you need is a match or a light and let the gas a little off and then it can be lit.


The build quality of this fire pit table could be better with more use of stainless steel and real tiles at the same time, it holds well with its normal use. You’re going to want to cover it for a rainy day or generally when you’re not using it.

Specs of this Bond Rockwell 68156 Gas Fire Table 30″:

  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs
  • Usage: Uses an Electric Auto Ignition
  • Build: Stainless Steel legs and Cement Body
  • Size: 30 in. x 30 in. x 24.2 inches
  • Weight: 42.5 Pounds
  • Comes with: Lava Fire Rocks


This Bond Rockwell fire pit table can be a great addition to your patio or outside living space that offers a good amount of heat, but most of all it adds a good level of ambiance that’s great for parties and having memorable nights with family and friends.

Bond Rockwell Gas Fire Table

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  • Bond Rockwell Gas Fire Table
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 30.0 In. X 30.0 In. X 24.21 In.
  • Warranty: 1 year Limited Manufacturer
  • Assembly Required

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