Review: Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK Quartz Tower Heater

Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK Quartz Tower Heater









  • Features a thermostat and a Low to High heat setting
  • Is able to be used as a space or whole room heater
  • Has a easy to carry handle at the back

Heaters are an essential appliance that you either already own or at least you should own and that’s because they’re able to provide comfort during the winter months. However, since heaters are such an important appliance that many people use within their homes, there are also a bunch of brands that sell them. The part that most people are confused about is which heater to get and thankfully heaters have gotten quite a lot better over the years.

This review is going over this Comfort Zone Quartz heater. The design and the way that it’s able to provide heat is one of the best ways that a heater can truly output heat to a room.


When it comes to the heat, this Comfort Zone heater does a pretty good job. There are two main heat settings, which are Low and High heat. There’s one knob to adjust the heat setting and then the other dial can change the Thermostat level. The max output of the Lower heat setting is 750 Watts and that translates into 2,557 BTU. The high setting has a 1,500 Watt output and that’s 5,120 BTU.

Feeling the Heat:

When it comes to the actual heat, this Comfort Zone Quartz heater does a great job, but it does have its setbacks. The great part is that it has two Quartz tubes that are the mechanisms that heat up, and then there’s a fan within that actually pushes the heat out. It’s not like a fan heater where you can feel the heat coming out of the heater at a very fast rate. That said, this definitely is a step up above an oil heater where the heat just radiates, as where this heater actually pushes heat out with its fan.

Having the heater on a low setting is going to be useful for bedrooms as it’s able to output enough heat that the heat can travel around the room, instead of just a single direction. Heating larger rooms is definitely going to require putting this heater on high such as living rooms, a garage, or even a small patio. Using the heater within a larger area will take it longer to heat the area and you’re better off being near the heater if you’re using it in a larger area.

As it can take a while for the heat to pass through the entire room.

Fuel Usage:

The power use with this Comfort Zone heater is going to vary depending on what setting you use with the heater and also where you’re using it too. So we really can’t give a clear answer on power usage.


No assembly is required for this heater. It comes with everything that you need right out of the box.

Functional Components:

The power cord is 6 feet long and once you plug the heater into an AC outlet, you’re ready to use it. To actually turn the heater on, you have to switch the right dial to either Low or High, and then the left dial is used for adjusting the Thermostat on that specific heat setting. Once the heater is on, the top Orange light will come on indicating that it’s turned on.

If there’s something that we found missing it would have to be a remote. Most heaters these days now use a remote, but this one doesn’t. It can be a pain to get up to adjust or turn off the heater. At the back of, the heater is where there’s a handle which makes it easy to move around.

The heater does make quite a lot of noise when you first turn it on, then after a few minutes, the noise goes down once it heats up. Not absolutely quiet, but if you want less noise, then a lower setting will be able to quiet it down a bit.

Size and Weight:

It has a decent size and there are no complaints when it comes to the size or weight either.

It has a height of 24.3 inches, a width of 13.7 inches, and the depth of the heater is 10 inches. The weight of it is 8 pounds. So it has a slim form factor and lightweight, with attributes being positive when it comes to owning it.


Structure and Material:

The outside parts of the heater are made of plastic, the grill that covers the Quartz tube is made of steel. Overall, this heater is well built, and using the dials feels fine as they’re not loose, and neither is their trouble moving them around.


Comfort Zone did a fine job when it came to safety with this heater,  as it has  UL certification and that means it has gone through many safety tests. Some notable things are that it shuts off automatically if it were to tip over. Also, it turns off automatically if it overheats too and then you use the back Reset Switch to turn it back on; another thing to take note of is that if it is overheating, the bottom light will turn on.



The heater has two heating settings and you’re able to take advantage of either of them depending on your heating needs. With larger rooms, it’s better to be next to the heater.


It’s a small heater with a slim form factor and a lightweight. It’s also easy to use with just two knobs controlling the heater.


The structure of the heater is strong, but it has tech features such as auto-shutoff in case it tips over or overheats.

 Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK Quartz Tower Heater Specs
Power Usage1500W
Heat rating (BTU/hour)5120
SettingsHigh Heat
Low Heat
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteNo
ControlsThermostat and Heat Setting Knobs
Does it Oscillate?No
Size23.4 H. x 12.5 L. x 7.5 W. inches
Weight6.2 pounds


This Comfort Zone heater does a powerful job of providing an ample amount of heat and ease of use for anyone looking for an effective heater that’s good for the price.

Comfort Zone CZQTV007BK 1,500-Watt Electric Quartz Infrared Radiant Tower Heater with 2 Heat Settings and Overheat Protection, Black
  • ☀️RADIANT HEATING: This practical radiant heater quickly and thoroughly warms the people and objects in front of it. Dual quartz tubes turn on instantly and give off a warm glow when in use..Heating Coverage:200-300 sq ft
  • ☀️ENHANCED HEAT DISPERSION: The heat is fan-assisted, which helps to disperse it throughout rooms more evenly and efficiently. This makes it a great choice for keeping warm in spaces like offices and bedrooms.
  • ☀️CONVENIENT CONTROLS: 2 top-mounted control knobs allow you to quickly and easily adjust the thermostat and to switch between the high and low temperature settings.
  • ☀️SMART SAFETY FEATURES: Features like a stay-cool molded handle, metal housing, a tip-over switch and an overheat protection system provide enhanced safety.
  • ☀️COMPACT AND STYLISH: A slim, modern design allows this quartz heater to fit into smaller spaces with ease. It has a sleek black finish that complements many different décor styles effortlessly.

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