Review: Crawford Outdoor Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit

Crawford Outdoor Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit









  • Has a very real look of stone
  • Comes with Lava Rocks, but it's best to use Fire Glass


  • Has a very heavy weight, so it's difficult to move around
(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

Outdoor living space furniture is some of the best furniture that you can purchase, and sure, we know that it can be quite expensive. That said, the major reason for a higher piece of furniture that you place on your patio or whatever you use in your outside living space may be, is because it has a better build quality. Not only that, but it also tends to look a lot better and most of them have some sort of functions that add to the quality. For example, fire pit tables aren’t just tables, they fit pits and that leads them to hold a lot of value and that is why it can be a great idea to purchase one for your outdoor living space.

In this review, we’re focusing on this Crawford fire pit table which has a much more luxurious and old-timey look than what you’re used to when it comes to fire pits. So let’s see what it has an offer when it comes to actually using it and the aesthetics of it too.


The power output of this Crawford fire pit table is 40,000 BTU and this is the range that most fire pits tables have. That said, something to know when it comes to the output of fire pits tables is that you can’t always rely on the numbers for the heat that you’re going to experience. That’s because the heat from these types of products is wilder in a way and therefore they don’t exactly have a focus. The 40,000 BTU from the flame, in this case, means something but it doesn’t mean enough that it can be substantial as it would be with a patio heater.

Feeling the Heat:

If you have the fire on the highest setting then you’re likely going to feel the heat from being about 7 feet away but if you are any further than then you most likely won’t be able to feel much at all. However, this is a table and as a result, you’re going to have many people sitting around it, so being far away from the fire isn’t really going to happen as it’s the focal point of the product. Putting the fire at a lower level makes sense if you want to place your feet up on the table as it does have space on the sidings.

Fuel Usage:

To fuel this fire pit table you’re going to have to use a 20LB propane tank, and overall, the fuel usage of this propane tank is good enough. If you’re using the fire on the highest setting only then a single full tank can very well last you for about 12 hours. Having the heat lower can result in a much longer duration of usage of the propane tank.


One of the pain points when it comes to fire pits tables is having to assemble them. Well, if you’re somebody that absolutely dreads have to assemble things like this, then we’ve got good news and that would that this table doesn’t require any assembly at all. The only assembly, if you even consider it be assembly would be that it has a battery that you have to input into the ignition and you’re good to go.

Size and Weight:

The overall size of the fire pit table is quite good as it’s not too small that it basically leaves no impact on your outdoor living space. At the same time, it’s small enough that it doesn’t obstruct a whole lot of space. It has a length and width of 32 inches, so it’s a square, and then the height of the table is 223 inches. The weight of the table is very heavy and you’re definitely going to need help when it does come moving it around as it has a weight of 144 pounds.

Functional Components:

When it comes to actually using the table, the steps are actually quite easy. The propane tank goes into the bottom of this fire pit table and that’s where you’ll find the gas hose that’s attached to the stainless steel burner and you can use it to attach to the propane tank. Once the propane tank is connected is when you can turn on the tank fully.

Once the tank is on, you can then close it as the other two controls of the fire pit table are on the outside of it, just make sure that the battery for the ignition is in to actually light the fire. You just have to hold the red ignition button for about 30 seconds and then depress it, and then press the dial and set it to high and the fire should turn on.

After that, you can use the dial to set the flame to however much fire that you want.

At the center of the table is where the fire comes from and that’s also where you can place the Lava rocks that the table comes with. That said, if you want a better experience with the ambiance of the fire then we recommend purchasing fire glass rocks and that’s because they shine and make the fire more lively looking.


Structure and Material:

The base of the fire pit table looks like its made of real stone and they did a great job with that, but if it were made of real stone then the price of this table would likely be double. Instead, the bottom portion of this table is made of composite. It’s not to take away from the build quality of this table but it’s an important part to know as you’re going to want to cover the table for when it rains as that can wear down the composite material and make the rock formations on the tale look duller and fade away the colors on them too.

Luckily this table actually comes with its own cover that you can and should use when it does rain so the elements can’t damage the materials on it.




The heat output of the fire is good but don’t expect it to be a heater that throws heat on you in a controlled way, You have to be quite close to take advantage of the heat. Fuel usage is what you’d expect with higher heat output burning more fuel at a faster rate.



It has an absolutely beautiful design with it using rock formations at the bottom that can match a few outdoor living spaces and the best part is that it doesn’t require assembly.



The bottom of the table is made of a composite that you should protect from the rain with the cover that it comes with.

Specs of this Crawford Outdoor Square Liquid Propane Fire Pit:

  • Heat Output: 40,000 BTU
  • Ignition System: Piezo ignition.
  • Build: Composite Material
  • Size: 32 x 32 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 144 Pounds


This Crawford Outdoor Square fire pit table is a great looking product that offers a good level of heating and a high level of ambiance that will improve the look of your outdoor living space by a few fold.

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