Review: DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater









  • Features three level heating
  • Uses digital screen for settings
  • Has slim form factor and is wall mountable


  • The fan on the heater does not turn on until placed on level 3 heat setting
(Last Updated On: March 18, 2020)

Most of the time when it comes to purchasing nearly any product on the market one of the first things that most consumers focus on is what the product looks like. The presentation of a product and noticing the way it looks is vital when it comes to a purchasing decision. That’s mostly because it’s human nature to want to get things that look cool. Why else would most people rather purchase a BMW than a Toyota?

Looks matter and it all still applies to home appliances such as a heater. We’ve done quite few review for heaters on this website and one thing that rings true is that there are many on the market that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can’t always focus on the presentation, especially when it comes to home appliances as the function is the part that matters most.

With that said, this Delonghi HCX9115E heater is one of those products that absolutely nails it with its design, and there are just a few hiccups that it experiences when you actually come to using it. We’ll explain that in the Build segment of this review.


Feeling the Heat:

Let’s first focus on the most important part that a heater has to offer and that would be the heating. Overall, this heater does a pretty good job in the way that its heating system works and it actually has some varying heat settings with a total of 3 settings to use from.

There Level 1 heat setting has an output of 750Watts and that translates to 2,559 BTU. Then the level 2 heat has an output of 900Watts and that’s 3,070 BTU. The final and highest heat level that you can use this heater on is the 1500Watt setting and that’s 5,118 BTUs.

Delivery of Heat

Even though it’s great that this Delonghi heater uses a total of three heat settings, the way it actually sends the heat out is somewhat flawed. That’s because from level 1 – 2 the fan cannot be used. However, you can use Level 3 without the fan and also with the fan too. We don’t understand why the lower two heat levels don’t use the fan as it’s a perfect way to output the heat to the room that the heater is in.

So when you use the level 1 and level 2 heating settings, the heat radiates rather than being pushed out of the heater. That said, the first two levels aren’t useless, as there’s still a good amount of heat being released from the top and sides of the heater. However, the first two levels with Delonghi heater are best used for heating up a bedroom and not powerful enough to heat larger areas such as a living room as the heater radiates.

Level 3 Heating

Using this heater on Level 3 with the fan on is the better option for heating up larger rooms, or you can use it for heating up small rooms at a faster speed; then switching to one of the lower heat settings is the better option.

Another part of heating is the Thermostat and setting the heater to ECO mode. The heater has a Thermostat which has two main settings. It has an Anti-freeze setting that basically turns on the heater if the room temperature reaches 41 degrees in order to prevent the room from freezing. The other option with the Thermostat is setting the temperature anywhere from 61 degrees to 90 degrees.

The ECO function of the heater is able to use all four of the heating settings, and the heater basically switches between heat settings as a way to efficiently save on energy while still providing enough heat for the room that it’s in.

Fuel Usage:

The power usage with this heater is ultimately going to depend on how you’re using the heater. With the first two settings being the best option for saving energy. The highest heating level at 1500Watts is definitely going to have an effect on your electrical bill if you’re using it constantly for long durations of time.

It’s best to use the high setting on this heater for a short time and then switching to a lower setting after the room has warmed up.


Functional Components:

The style of this heater is one of the best parts of it, as it looks like it’s from the future. The functional parts of this heater also truly match the way that it looks as they’re all on the same side and best of all this heater uses a digital display to show the settings that are being used.

Using the Heater

The first button is to actually turn on the heater once you’ve plugged in the 6-foot power cord. The next two buttons are to increase or decrease the thermostat temperature. Another function that both the “+” and “-” buttons have is that when you press them both at the same time, it deactivates all the buttons on this heater, so no one can mettle with the settings. To reactivate the buttons, simply press the two buttons at the same time again.

After that, you’ll find the “Mode” button that can be used to change through all 4 of the heat settings. The last two buttons are the ECO button and the Timer button.

All of the settings that you set this heater to can be found on the digital display that’s above all the buttons and it’s really one of the main highlights when owning this product. As most other heaters just have a dial for setting a Thermostat and have to estimate what temperature the dial is on. This one gives an accurate measurement of where you have the heat set to.

Size and Weight:

The size of this heater is quite alright, that’s not a problem as it leaves a small footprint with its slim form factor. It has a length of 32 inches, a width of 21 inches and the height is 21 inches. The weight of this heater is quite light as it has a weight of 15 pounds.

With all that said, there are two main ways to use this heater, you can either install the legs, or you can wall mount it as it comes with a toolkit to do so. We recommend just using the legs of the heater instead of wall mounting it and that’s because once you wall mount it you won’t be able to move it around to other rooms. Of course, you could always take it down but that can be a pain to do unless you’re truly purchasing a heater for just a single room.


Structure and Material:

On the material and structure level, this heater is very good. Most of it is made of plastic, all of the buttons work well and the lights from the digital display are bright and readable. At the same time, after about 30 seconds of not interacting with the buttons, the digital display dims down.


The main problem arises with a few of these Delonghi heaters, and that would be the “Ht” curse. The Ht curse is when this heater just shows the letter Ht on the digital display once you turn it on and you can’t use any of the buttons. It sucks, but this isn’t the case with all of the ones sold, just a few. It can be frustrating to have this happen, at the same time, if it does they’ll just send you a replacement if you require it as this isn’t your fault.

On the safety side, this heater has an overheating protection shut-off and it also has a tilt shut-off too, just in case the heater tips over.



The heating output with this heater is pretty good but it would have been great if the first two heating levels would work with the fan.


Using the heater is very easy and intuitive as it has quite a few buttons and also a digital display.


The build quality of this heater is great on its structure and also its safety features. The one major hiccup is that it has a glitch that it shows “Ht” on the digital display and you can’t even use anything then.

Specs for DeLonghi HCX9115E Slim Style Convector Heater:

  • Heat Output: 1500W – 5,120 BTUs
  • Usage:

Six Button controls with a digital screen

  • Build: Plastic
  • Size: 32.2 x 3 x 21.8 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 Pounds


This Delonghi heater certainly looks like it’s from the future, and using it is very simple with its use of quite a few buttons and a digital display that shows everything. At the same time, the fan should be used for lower heating levels, and they should fully resolve the error problem with the digital display.

De'Longhi Convector Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W, Freestanding/Easy Install Wall Mount, LED Digital Display, Adjustable Thermostat, Timer, EcoEnergy Saving Mode, White

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  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 120~60
  • Exclusive HI FI TECHNOLOGY which provides a better distribution into the room thanks to the double fan system
  • 1500 Watts of power in a stylish thinner design (only 3") to take the quickly take the chill out of larger rooms
  • Freestanding or wall mounted use (all hardware included)
  • Unique Two Fan System Provides better, faster heat distribution into the room

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