Review: Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Gas Fire Pit Table









  • Has a high 30,000 BTU that can provide plenty of warmth on cold days
  • Easy to turn on with Electronic ignition and a dial to change the fire setting
  • Includes Fire rocks


  • The stone composite material can wear down quickly if it's not covered during rain
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2020)

A fire pit table is one of the best things to get to put out on a patio or whatever type of outside living space that you have. That’s because getting just a regular table is meant for inside your house, but when it comes to parts outside of your house then that’s when you can get more creative and purchase furniture that’s more on the fun side and since the outdoors is more of a dynamic place, you also get functionality when it comes to purchasing a fire pit table. As it offers a heater and a place to plant your feet and relax.

One of the better fire pit tables on Amazon is this Endless Summer table, and even though it does have quite a lot of high ratings, for the price that you’re getting it at, it’s the best fire pit table that you can find on the market. So let’s see what’s good and bad about it.


The power output of this Endless Summer fire table pit is on the low side when it comes to fire pit tables in general and also on the scale of heating too. That’s because it has a BTU level of 30,000. This amount of heat output with a fire pit table isn’t enough to give an effective intensity of heat, and another reason that heat with this fire table isn’t good is that it has only its flame that directs the heat; while something such as a patio heater has more of a direct approach when it comes to heating.

Feeling the Heat:

To make the most of the heating with this table, you’re going to have to set it to the highest setting that it has and be at least 5 feet away from it. Although the heating range with this table isn’t too much of a problem and that’s because it’s a table, so you’re likely going to spend time around it and the best part of owning it is that you can place your feet on the outer part and stay warm that way.

Fuel Usage:

Fueling this fire pit table is a 20LB propane tank that does not come with the fire pit table. Fuel consumption can differ quite a lot depending on how high you have the heat. Having the fire on its highest setting can usually result in about 12 hours of fuel usage with a single tank and that’s good. While using less can result in a few more hours and that means you can very well use a single tank for two seasons if you wanted to.


The Assembly of this fire pit table is simple as it comes with instructions about where parts go and which pieces attach. The instructions have pictures and the best part is that the fire pit table comes with its screws and tools that you can use to put the table together.

Size and Weight:

Once the table is put together it has a length and width of 29 inches so it’s a perfect square and the height of the table is 24 inches so it’s 2 feet tall. The dimensions of this table are perfect as it sits below where you’re sitting, however, we suppose that depends on how low the chair you’re sitting on is. For the most part, if you’re sitting down, you’re likely going to be above this table and that’s good for allowing the heat to reach you and also for placing any drinks or your feet on the table for relaxing.

Functional Components:

When it comes to using this Endless Summer Fire Pit table, it’s somewhat one of the weaker points of the table. At the bottom of the table where you open the compartment door, you’ll find a gas hose that you can use to connect a 20LB propane tank, also at the bottom is where you’ll place your propane tank so it stays hidden. Once your propane tank is plugged in, that’s when you can fully turn it on.

Lighting it Up

The controls of this fire pit table are on the inside as well, which is where you place the propane tank and that’s where you’ll find the Knob Dial. You have to press the dial-in and switch it to the ignition setting and keep it held there for about 20 seconds and then press the red ignition button to turn on the pilot light. Then once the pilot light is on is when you can turn the dial to high or low and turn on the fire.

With all that said, it might sound straightforward but at the same time, it’s not as straightforward when you do it and that’s because at times the flame doesn’t get lit by the pilot light and that’s when you have to light it manually with a match or a fire. Not something too major but it can get annoying when it doesn’t light up even when you’re doing everything correctly.

On the top and center of the table is of course where the fire comes from and the table comes with lava rocks. That said, if you don’t like the look of the lava rocks then we highly recommend using fire glass rocks as they make the fire glisten even more when it’s lit. Another thing is that this fire pit table doesn’t come with a covering for when the fire pit isn’t in use.


Structure and Material:

Build quality of this fire pit table is quite good with the top of the table being made out of cement which has a design made out of it. Then at the bottom of the table is where most of it is made out of steel.

It does come with a cover that you should use when the fire pit table is not in use and even though the company does mention that it uses weather-resistant steel, the steel can still rust with exposure to moisture and the top cement part can look rundown if you have it exposed to water too much.



You’re not purchasing this fire pit table for the heat, but for the heat that it does output it gives off a good amount that can be noticeable if you’re about 5 feet away from it. Fuel usage with this table is good but depending on how high you place the fire, but we’re gonna say that you can use a full tank for a single season and have no problems.



Getting this table to turn on can be troublesome even when you’re doing everything right and that’s when you have to do things the old school way and turn it on manually.


Keeping this fire pit table safe from the elements should be a priority as it’s not immune to elements and can stain once it gets worn down.

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table Specs
Heat rating (BTU/hour)Maximum - 30,000 BTUs
SettingsAdjustment Dial
Comes AssembledNo
Uses a RemoteNo
ControlsOne-step Electronic-ignition button with a flame control adjustment knob
Fuel TypeLiquid propane 20-lb. tank (not included)
MaterialHousing Material - Steel
Size30 D x 30 D x 24 H inches
Weight59.75 Pounds


For the price, this Endless Summer fire pit table is definitely worth the money, but at the same time, you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to using this table and the build quality too.

Endless Summer GAD1401M 30,000 BTU LP Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Mosaic Plastic Mantel and Lava Rock, 30 Inches by 30 Inches, Black (Used)
  • Outdoor fire pit lets you get cozy outdoors without the ashy mess of a classic fire; Propane tank not included
  • Features 30,000 BTU stainless steel burner with electronic ignition for seamless use; Hidden panel keeps controls safe from unwanted operators
  • Contemporary design with lava rock, wicker-style steel base, and mosaic plastic mantel showcase a polished look
  • All-weather steel fire bowl is built to last and ready to handle every season
  • Lava rock and protective cover included, making sure your backyard fire pit is safe from the elements; (L x W x H): 30 x 30 x 24 inches

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