Review: Honeywell HCE323V Motion Sensor Ceramic Convection Heater

Honeywell HCE323V Motion Sensor Ceramic Convection Heater









  • Spreads heat efficiently with a wide output of heat to come from and a 1500W max output to heat up larger rooms
  • Does oscillate to heat up rooms faster
  • Has a sensor at the back to automatically turn off if something comes too close
  • Uses a remote to also function
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2020)

The brand from which you purchase your heater is going to affect the type of experience that you have with it. This statement is not only for just heaters, but it’s also applicable to just about any product out there that has many brands. It’s one of the main reasons that you have to be careful where you purchase your products from. Heaters fall into that category as there are simply so many brands that sell them with all sorts of different shapes, sizes, ways of heating, and fancy designs.

Honeywell, a brand that has been on the market for quite a while is one of the veterans in this space. This HCE323V Digital Ceramic Heater is one of their best heaters. As it’s not only powerful but it’s also quite large and the options for when it comes to using it are just as good too.

So let’s take a closer look.


Feeling the Heat:

Since this is Honeywell’s largest heaters, it’s able to provide a good amount of air. That’s because of its size as it uses a larger fan, so it’s able to output more heat at once. Another reason that makes this heater powerful are the two heat settings. Two heat settings are somewhat limiting and we would have preferred that this heater use three heat settings so there would be one that would be right in the middle.

That said, the two heat settings with this heater are quite powerful and still have their place when it comes to using this heater.

The Low setting has a 900Watt output and that’s 3,070 BTUs. The high setting has a 1500Watt output and that’s 5,118 BTUs. These type of heat settings are quite normal when it comes to heaters that are meant for heating entire rooms, but what this makes heaters in some ways better is the large output area that it comes from.

Low and High are Useful

Honeywell’s HCE323V digital heater can indeed heat a bedroom at its lower setting, and that’s actually what we recommend using most of the time as it gets the job done. Placing the heater on its high setting can ramp up the heat and also the fan speed just by a little bit; so you’re able to hear the fan just a bit more, nothing serious. So the high setting is more helpful if you’re wanting to heat larger areas such as a living room.

Once the living room is heated to the temperature that you want it to be, then we recommend placing the heat at its Low setting to maintain it. That way, there’s less power usage. Another useful way to use the High setting is also for heating bedrooms at a faster rate too. Overall, it’s the combination of the larger output area of heat that comes from this heater and the heat intensity is what makes it so powerful and can get either your bedroom or living room heated within less than an hour.

Along with the heat output, there’s a thermostat to use. You can use it with either of the heat settings and it can be set from 60 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the heater has reached the set temperature then it will automatically turn off. Then if the temperature of the room goes down, the heater will turn back on.

There is no fan setting for this heater.

Fuel Usage:

This is a very powerful healer, and as a result, there will be equivalent exchange when it comes to using it. Especially if you’re consistently using the heater on its highest setting of 1,500Watts. That’s why we recommend using the heater on high for short durations of time and then switching it over to the low setting for maintaining the heat of the room. So you can save power.


Functional Components:

Using this heater is a smooth experience with it putting some effort into its presentation to create a good user experience. It uses a 6-foot power cord that you should be plugged into an AC wall outlet, and then you’re ready to use all the functional parts which can be found on top of the heater.

Uses a Digital Display

At the top is where you’ll find the digital display that shows the thermostat setting that you have it set on, which is something that we found a relief for this heater to have. That’s because most heaters on the market that use a thermostat just use a simple dial that doesn’t use any numbers at all, so you have to guess what temperature is where.

The Buttons

Then there are the buttons. Starting from the left and going to the right is where you’ll find the power button that turns Red once you press it. After that, there’s the heat setting button, and you can press it to change from one heat setting to the other and this button uses LED lights to show what setting you’re using. Above the heat setting button, it’ll show either 1 heatwave logo for the Low heat setting. There’s also the High heat setting that shows 2 heat waves.

The next two buttons are to either increase or decrease the temperature on the Thermostat. After that, there’s the timer that can be placed for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of runtime for the heater. The last button is used for the oscillation setting and that moves the heat from left to right.

The oscillation feature with this heater is truly icing on the cake as it’s able to move the heat around the room in a better manner and give more circulation.

Motion Sensor

One of the main differences between this model (HCE323V) and the HCE322V model is that this one features a motion sensor at the bottom back of the heater. You can turn it on or off with the button at the top of the heater that’s below all the other buttons.

The motion sensor detects things that are about a foot away from it and it’ll turn off automatically once it does detect something.

Along with very useful controls on the heater itself, it also comes with a remote control that has all the controls that you’ll find on the heater. So you can use it from a distance. The remote uses CR2032 batteries, but they already come with it.

Size and Weight:

The size of this heater is quite small when it comes to depth, but it does have a rather tall height as it’s a tower heater. It has a height of 23.2 inches, a width of 8.7 inches, and a depth of 6.7 inches. The weight of this heater is 4.5 pounds. So the best place to place a heater this size and with its power output is to have it in a corner; as it’ll be out of the way and be in a central location for spreading heat.


Structure and Material:

This Honeywell heater has the brand written all over it and that’s because it’s made very well with it all being made out of fire resistant plastic. The entire is solid with no loose parts and the buttons are responsive when you press them.


The safety of this heater is what you should expect from it. That means it has an auto shut-off when it comes to overheating and also if it tips over it will automatically turn off too.



This Honeywell heater does a fantastic job of heating either a bedroom or a living room as both of its high and Low settings are very powerful.


It’s a very easy heater to use as all you have to do is just plug in a power cord and it has quite a few buttons and uses a few LED lights along with a digital display for the Thermostat. The heater also uses a remote that holds all of the functions that you’d use with the heater itself.


The build quality is structured very well and the safety features that it has are usual.

Honeywell HCE323V Motion Sensor Ceramic Convection Heater Specs
Power Usage900-1500W
Heat rating (BTU/hour)Low - 3070 BTUs
High - 5120 BTUs
SettingsLow - 900W
High - 1500W
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteYes
ControlsPower Button
Timer Button
Heat Setting Button
Thermostat Buttons
LCD to show the thermostat Temperature
Oscillating Button
Does it Oscillate?Yes
Size23.1 x 8.7 x 6.7 inches
Weight4.5 pounds


If you’re searching for a very powerful whole room heater that’s easy to function and has a little more to offer with its functionality such as using oscillation and the use of remote; then this Honeywell HCE323V Ceramic heater is a very good choice.

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