Review: Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater









  • Comes fully assembled and is easy to use with just two dials
  • Has heat outputting all around the heater for heating up bedrooms more easily
  • Handle for easier carrying


  • Does not use a remote
  • Cannot heat up living rooms efficiently
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

There are two important factors that you should be looking into when you’re deciding to purchase a heater. The first thing is to know the heat output that it’s able to deliver. The other one is how it’s able to deliver that heat, meaning if it radiates the heat or if it uses a fan to deliver the heat. Heaters that radiate are ultimately going to be less effective than ones that use fans as it’s a slower way to deliver heat unless the heating power is very high.

On the other hand, even small heaters that use fans can be very effective despite their small sizes, and this Honeywell HHF360V heater is proof of that. Honeywell is a brand that is known to make a lot of different appliances, and this chapter of theirs is proof that they know how to innovate. This mini heater, even with its small size is still able to deliver a superb heating experience with its power and also its output design.

Let’s take a closer look.


Feeling the Heat:

So the first thing that you should know about this Honeywell heater is that it is small. This isn’t going to have the same effectiveness as a Whole Room heater such as the Vornado ones that we’ve reviewed. That said, even though it is small, the heat output is very powerful and since it uses a fan, the small size of it doesn’t hold this heater back all that much.

There are just two heat settings. There’s the Low heat setting and that has an Output of  900Watts, which translates into 3,070 BTU. While the high setting has an output of 1500Watts and that’s 5,118 BTU. Even though having just two heat settings might seem very limiting, they’re both very powerful and you’re going to be able to use either of them depending on your needs.

360 Degree Heating

Another part of the heating with this Honeywell heater is that its ability to send out heat 360 degrees, which basically that it’s able to send out heat at all angles around it. Placing the heater at Low is better if you want to feel the heat closer to you and use it as more of a personal heater, while at the same time, you can also use the heater on low to heat a bedroom. Using the Low setting is going to heat a room at a slower rate and that’s why if you want to make the most of this heater, we recommend using the high setting.

The high heat setting can send out even hotter air into the bedroom, and so it’s more effective at a faster rate. This heater is meant for use in the bedroom at the most that are 20 x 20. Using it in the living room isn’t going to do much as there’s more space to heat up.

Along with the powerful heating and 360 design, this heater also has a Thermostat dial. You can use the Thermostat to set the heater to turn off at a certain point. That said, the dial isn’t labeled with numbers, just with a line, so you’ll have to test at which point is best for you. If you want the heater to stay on indefinitely then placing the Thermostat on its highest point will put it on constant running mode. Unless it reaches the highest temperature that it’s capable of reaching.

We assume that the highest setting temperature that you can place it on is 90 degrees as most other heaters have their limits set on that point.

Fuel Usage:

There are two very powerful heat settings with this Honeywell heater, and because of that, if you’re going to keep it running for a long duration of time, then it’s going to use quite a bit of power.

Using it on the low setting is your best bet to save on energy usage, and using the 1500Watt high setting, even though it’s very useful, should be used when you want to heat a room quickly. Or the highest setting is very useful for when you want to heat a room to a very high temperature.

Actually using the thermostat rather than just setting it to constantly run is one way that you can make sure that you don’t splurge on the energy usage with this heater.


Functional Components:

When it comes to small heaters such as this one, they’re very easy to use. Although, we can’t say that just because it has very few functional parts is what makes it better. As it just uses the basics, since you won’t find a remote, a digital display, or any other special modes with it. It’s the bare minimum and that’s what many people are looking for when it comes to functionalities with a heater.

It uses a power cord that’s about 6 feet long, and the question that many people ask about this heater is whether or not it uses batteries. It doesn’t.

Once you have the heater plugged, you’re ready to use the two dials at the front of it. The dial to the left controls the heat setting and it’s also what turns on the heater; as it has Off, Low, and High options.

The dial to the right is the thermostat, and turning it to the right can raise the temperature on the thermostat.

That’s it. That’s all there is when it comes to using this heater, and that’s what makes it so easy to use. If you want a heater with more features, you’re going to have to purchase a larger one.

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of this heater are going to cause no problems. It has a height of 11.5 inches, and a width/depth of 8 inches. So it’s very small and it’s also lightweight with a weight of 3 pounds. That said, just make sure that you place this heater not too close to walls, unlike other heaters where the heat just comes out of a single side. This one has heat coming out of all sides of it.

Placing it in the middle of a room is one of the best ways to use it so the heat is being outputted to the entire room and not just a wall if you were you place it in a corner.


Structure and Material:

Build quality is very good even with its small size, as the entire heater is made of plastic, and even if you have it on its highest setting,g this heater doesn’t get hot on the outside. Neither are their signs of melting.


Two main safety protections are used with this heater and that would be overheating auto shut-off. The other is the tip-over shut-off that automatically turns off the heater if it falls over.



Even with its small size and looks of a personal heater. It’s more than that with its 360-degree heat output and also powerful heat settings that are very capable of heating a bedroom.


It’s very easy to use this heater as all it has are just two dials that control the heat setting and also the thermostat.


Build quality is good with the heater still holding strong even with heat being outputted all around it and it has two safety protections.

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater Specs
Power Usage900-1500W
Heat rating (BTU/hour)Low - 3070
High - 5120
SettingsLow - 900W
High - 1500W
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteNo
ControlsDial for Thermostat
Dial for Heat Setting
Does it Oscillate?No
Size11.2 x 8.11 x 8 inches
Weight3 pounds


Honeywell has proven yet again that they’re a brand that creates products with value. This HHF360V 360-degree heater is proof of that with its small size, powerful heating, and a superb design that can heat a bedroom quite efficiently as other, larger heaters.

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Surround Fan Forced Heater with Surround Heat Output Charcoal Grey Energy Efficient Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat & 2 Heat Settings, Small
  • 360 DEGREE ALL AROUND WARMTH – Use the Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater in small to mid-sized rooms for additional comfort. This space heater features an adjustable thermostat as well as 2 heat settings and all-around heat output so you’re always cozy.
  • SAFETY MATTERS: This small heater offers multiple safety options including a 360-degree tip over switch, 2x overheat protection, an auto-off timer option and an easy grab, cool touch carry handle.
  • INCREASE YOUR COMFORT – Always be comfortable, no matter what season it is. This personal heater has fan forced technology and provides 360-degree, all around warmth. As a small space heater, it’s perfect for a bedroom, office and more.
  • SMART SAVINGS – Worried about heating costs? An electric heater can help you save up to $276* in heating costs this year. A space heater for indoor use can help you save money while providing soothing warmth.
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Help improve heating and energy savings in your home, bedroom or office using a Honeywell portable heater. Honeywell offers whole room heaters, tower heaters and oscillating heaters.

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