Review: Kloudi Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/600W Oscillating Fan Heater

Kloudi Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/600W Oscillating Fan Heater









  • Works well as a personal heat and does a okay job as a space heater
  • Easy to use with buttons at the top of the heater
  • Very small size that makes it a great personal heat to keep close and place anywhere stable
  • Has a fan mode and two heating modes


  • Does not use a remote
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2020)

There are many different heaters on the market, and to go with that, there are also many different brands that sell them. A heater is a vital appliance that is vital for any household, as when it gets cold our central heating system isn’t always enough. There are quite a few well-known brands out there that we’ve reviewed here at Household Harbor such as Vornado and Lasko. Generally, we recommend that you go for the brands that are well-known and have the best reviews to back them up. At the same time, some brands try something new and aren’t the most well-known.

In this case, that would be Kloudi. Kloudi has this small portable space heater that may not be as strong as other top heaters, and that’s mainly because it’s not supposed to be. It has some great heating capabilities with a design that you don’t see a lot of on the market.


Feeling the Heat:

The first thing that you should know when it comes to the heat output of this heater is that it won’t be heating your entire house. It also, will likely not heat an entire living room either. That’s because it has two main heat settings, with a 600Watt setting and that translates into a 2,047 BTUs. Then the higher level has an output of 950Watts and that’s a 3,241 BTU output.

To put it simply, if you’re purchasing this heater then you’re looking to heat a bedroom that’s about 15’ x 15’ and that’s it. As this heater doesn’t let off a lot of power even at its higher level. The reason that we say that is because most heaters have a 1500Watt output on their higher level, and that’s the amount of power that’s capable of heating a living room.

If you’re using this heater on its low setting then that’s on the level of being a personal heater, so having the heater close to you and blowing in your direction only is the best way to use it at its low setting. The high setting is where it’s more capable of heating an entire bedroom and combining the high setting with the oscillating feature that this heater also has is the best way to make the most of the heat output.

The oscillating part of this heater works well and that’s because it makes the heat circulate more, instead, of just making it go into a single place. It also makes up for the small size of the heater, as the size of the heater is another reason that it’s not the best at heating a larger area as there’s a smaller output from where the heat comes from.

Also, this heater does not feature a Thermostat setting, so you have to just keep it on until you feel that you’ve gotten to the right temperature and then turn it off once you’re done using it. Overall, it offers the bare minimum and that’s the whole idea with this heater because it’s meant for small-scale use and if you want a heater that can heat larger areas then you’re going to have to look for larger heaters with more power.

Also, if you don’t want heat blown out, this heater has a fan setting that can be useful for Summer. All things considered, when you add it all up, this heater is a great choice for its price point.

Fuel Usage:

Since this heater is small and with its two settings being relatively low powered, you don’t have to be worried about raising your electrical bill too much.


Functional Components:

Using this heater is very easy to do and it has a very minimalistic style to it that makes it difficult to complain about anything. That said, there are just a few things missing.

This heater has a shape and style that not many other heaters have, as it looks like the heater lets off heat all around but that’s not the case here. It functions just like any other heater having one end where it brings in the air, warms it up, and then it lets it out with a fan through the other end.

It has a 5-foot power cord and once the heater is plugged in, you’re ready to use.

All of the controls for the heater are at the top and they include a total of four buttons. Starting from eh left and going to the right.

There’s the power button that is used to both turn on and turn off the heater. Then there’s the heat setting changer and you can change it from its high to a low setting. The problem with changing the heater from High to low or vice versa is that there’s no indication of heat change, and by that, we meant the light from the heater stays Red.

Having the Low Heat setting make the light Lava Orange would have been nice, and the High heat setting should be a Red light, as it would have made it easier to tell what setting the heater is on, instead of feeling for it.

The next button is the fan button and that turns off the heat and changes the color of the light from Red to Blue. So at least there’s a color change when you change the heater from heat to wind.

The final button is the oscillating feature and that change makes the heater able to change its angles.

With all that said, this heater handles the essentials well, but there is no thermostat, timer, or remote to use. Those missing things somewhat show sacrifices it has to make to maintain its low price.

When it comes to using it, the fan with this heater is very quiet and it creates a small humming sound. Not disruptive at all and we find that you can very well sleep with it, but at the same time, sleeping with this heater on isn’t a good idea as it doesn’t use a thermostat.

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of this heater are nothing. It has a width and depth of 4.9 inches. The height of it only 8.1 inches. It weighs 2.8 pounds. It’s easy to move around not only because of its size and weight but also because of the handle that’s on the back.

Placing this on a computer desk and having the heater facing you is one of the best ways to use this heater, or having it on high, oscillating, and still have it on a desk.


Structure and Material:

This Kloudi has a strong build quality with its ABS plastic material that’s resistant to fire and the functional parts of the heater such as the button feel good to use.


It’s a safe heater to use with reliable safety mechanisms that prevent anything serious from happening.

It has an over-heating feature where if it reaches 140F then it’ll turn off the heating, then it if it were to reach 235 degrees, the fuse will be cut and the heater automatically shuts down.

Another safety feature is the tip-over protection, which just turns off the heater if it falls over.

Kloudi Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/600W Oscillating Fan Heater Specs
Power Usage950W - 600W
SettingsHigh Heat
Low Heat
Fan Mode
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteNo
Does it Oscillate?Yes
Size9.37 x 7.13 x 6.1 inches
Weight2.82 pounds



This heater is not meant for heating living rooms and is mostly meant for personal use or heating bedrooms. The main reason for that is because there are just two power heat settings and both of them are on the low powered end.


It’s an easy heater to use with its buttons, but it would have been helpful to know when you were using high or low heat. Another thing is that it’s missing a Thermostat setting, remote, and a timer, which higher tier heaters would have.


The build quality is both great inside and outside of the heater with its use of a few safety protections that make it safe to use.


Overall, even though you may not have heard of this Kloudi heater, it’s well worth the purchase for the value that it provides even with its small-scale use.

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