Review: Mr.Heater 30,000 – 45,000 BTU Tank Top Heater

Mr.Heater 30,000 - 45,000 BTU Tank Top Heater









  • Very easy to deploy, as it simply goes on top of a propane tank
  • The heat is pretty good when you're close to the heater
  • Easy to move around and put away for when you're not using it
  • Straightforward manual ignition
(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Here at Household Harbor, we’ve done quite a few reviews for patio heaters, and even though patio heaters are great, their mainly meant for relaxation. You can’t exactly easily take a full-sized patio heater that’s about 7 feet tall to where you’re doing some construction work or some other manual labor job as it would be quite hard lugging the thing around. So, if you do want to stay warm on those cold days out working, then you’re the best solution is to use a Tank Top Heater.

You might already be familiar with a tank top heater, but it’s exactly what it sounds like and that would be that it’s a heater which goes on top of the propane tank and is fueled from there. As a result, you’re more easily able to take it anywhere with you and relocate to wherever you see fit. This review is going over what this Mr.Heater tank top heater has to offer, so let’s see if this is a gimmick product or if its highly minimalistic style translates it to actually working pretty well.


Feeling the Heat:

This is a bare bones type of heater but at the same time, it does try its best to offer as much heat as it can even though it’s very small. It has a BTU output of 30,000 to 45,000. So you’re able to set just how much heat you want to be outputted. With that said, if you’re using this outside then you’re definitely going to want this heater at its highest setting and that’s because the range of heat doesn’t go very far. However, if you’re in an enclosed area such as a garage the heater will definitely have a more noticeable effect on the environment as there’s more heat that can stay in a single place.

There are three heat settings that you’re able to set it on, and that would be: a BTU of 30,000 / 36,000 and 45,000.

Fuel Usage:

When it comes to fueling this heater, a propane tank is a must as that’s what it’s fueled by and that’s also what this patio is planted on. It uses a 20LB propane tank and it provides enough power for 10 hours if you’re using this heater at its highest setting. At the same time, if you’re using this heater at a lower setting then you’re able to take advantage of a propane tank for a longer duration.


There aren’t very many problems to deal with when it comes to this tank top heater and that’s one of the main benefits of getting it. It actually comes assembled and so you’re able to go straight to using it in a matter of minutes once you figure out how to light it.

Size and Weight:

This height of this patio heater is 17.5 inches so it’s very easy to attach it to a propane tank and move it around where you’d like without having a large obstruction in your way. Another great part of this heater is that it only weighs 5.5 pounds. So even though you will be using a 20-pound propane tank it won’t add very much weight to the overall weight of the heater’s build. In the end, you’re going to be left with 25 pounds.

Functional Components:

Hooking this patio heater up to a propane tank is done through 5-inch adapter that it has on its gas hose, once that’s done you can fully turn on the propane tank. Then turn your attention to the heater portion and press the knob and then get a match or light to actually light the patio heater.

It’s a very simple and rugged way of lighting the heater and at the same time, it’s the best way as you don’t have to deal with a pilot or some fancy way of lighting it. So just make sure that you do have a lighter or matches handy when it comes to using this heater as you’re going to need it when it comes to lighting it. Once the heater is on you can use the dial to turn the heater to whichever heating output you’d like.

Once you have the heater on you can actually turn the angle of it to wherever you want the heat to go as it can turn 540 degrees in whichever angle that you please. Also, a concern that’s been asked about this heater is if it’s loud and we’re glad to say this heater is actually very quiet so you won’t be hearing any flame noises while you’re working.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this patio is heater is quite good as all the parts feel sturdy and well put together, but at the same time it’s not made of stainless steel and the brand doesn’t sells a cover for it. Overall, that’s okay because that’s not really what the heater is meant for, it’s meant for having it close by when you’re working and then being put away for when it’s not in use.


When it comes to using this patio heater and being safe about it, then we recommend that you use it outside most of the time and if you do choose to use it indoors then you should definitely make sure that you have lots of ventilation to outside. The main reason for that is because heaters such as this one cause a build up of Carbon Monoxide and that can be life-threatening if you have a lot in an enclosed space. Yes, this heater can work very well be used in enclosed spaces but at the same time, it can’t be a completely enclosed space because of the safety concerns that it has.



The heating with this heater can be changed by three sets depending on how much heat that you need. That said, if you’re using the heater at its max setting then you’re going to be left with a mere 5 hours of use and then if you’re light on the heat it can last you about 11 hours on a single tank. This heater uses a 20-pound tank.


There’s really no assembly required and all that you need to do is simply attach the heater on a propane tank so it fulfill its role of being a tank top heater. Then you can simply turn on the propane tank, press the knob in on the heater and then light the heater with a match or a lighter. Having the heater go on a propane tank makes it very portable and versatile to use.


It’s not made of exceptionally high-quality materials, and it doesn’t come with a cover and neither does Mr.Heater sell a cover for it and it’s basically unnecessary to do that anyways. As you’re just using this heater near the area you work and when it’s not in use you’re just storing it in a safe location until you have to use it again, so just make sure that it doesn’t get as it can actually damage the heater.


This tank top heater is a great innovation when it comes to heating that you need while you’re working as it’s very small, lightweight and easy to use when it comes to lighting so you don’t get lost with all the details.

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