Review: Outland Aluminum Frame Propane Fire Pit Table Model 401

Outland Aluminum Frame Propane Fire Pit Table Model 401









  • The larger area of fire allows you to feel more of it
  • The fire pit basically comes assembled
  • Even though it's a opinion, this is one of the best looking fire pit tables on the market


  • Does not come with a few parts, such as cover, glass cover over the fire pit or a glass windshield
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A patio is a great part of a household, in fact, one of the main reasons that people buy a certain house is because of the patio that it features and other things as well. It’s where you can experience being outside and at the same time be in a part of your house. With that said, a patio is also a very dynamic part of a house that is usually in constant change and that would be because of the weather, as when it turns chilly then you’re less likely to spend time on your patio, another thing is that if you’re getting a heater for a patio, then you want one that is going to look aesthetic and makes your patio looking clean and nice.

In this case, we’re reviewing this Outland Fire Table that has that has quite a few parts to it that make it a great addition to your patio as it offers heating and the look of it is absolutely enchanting with the fire in the center. So let’s take a closer look.



This product from Outland Living is a Fire Pit Table and if you’re someone that usually uses a Fire Put on their patio then this product is definitely going to be of interest to you. That’s because it’s more of the modern way of having a fire with you patio then having to deal with a ton of ashes and smoke.

Feeling the Heat:

The BTU output with this Fire Pit Table is 35,000 BTUs and this isn’t exactly too much when it comes heating terms. That said, this isn’t a patio heater, so you can’t really expect the same type of heating ventilation that’s able to spread itself far and wide from its center. This heater from this fire pit table all comes from the center of the table and that’s because that’s where the fire is. The heat coming from this table can be felt from about 5 feet away and any further than that then you’re likely not going to feel it, as the heat isn’t being focused in on a certain area.

Of course, you can turn the heat up and down depending on your needs, that said, even if you do have the heat all the way up, you’re not able to feel it all that much. Even though it might sound like a bad thing that the heat from this fire pit isn’t exactly extreme, it also makes sense that the heat isn’t too much as the reason for that is because this is also a table. You’re able to place a drink on this table and having a very hot fire near your drinks and near you and your friends can be an uncomfortable thing.

However, this is the perfect type of heating for those low-temperature Autumn days and also good for those Spring and Summer nights for barbequing and relaxing too.

Fuel Usage:

Powering this fire pit table is done by a 20LB propane tank. The best part of this table aside from its heating abilities is just how little fuel it uses. Even at its highest setting, the fire consumes very little and many customers have found that they’re able to use a full 20lb propane tank for about 20 hours and that means you’re able to use just one for a whole season or for multiple seasons too.


Size and Weight:

This is a appropriately sized patio heater, that means it’s perfect for a patio as it’s not too large that it’ll obstruct too much and it’s not too small to the point that this patio heater is insignificant and you forgot that you spent your money on it. That’s because it has a 44-inch length and a width/height of 32 inches. So it has a squarish design that it can fit easily into certain areas and so you won’t have problems with it being too big which can be a common problem as many people have differently sized patios but we think that this fire pit table is the perfect table for any and all patio sizes.

Functional Components:

When it comes to actually using this patio, most of it is smooth sailing. Putting it together is basically non-existent that’s because it basically comes altogether when you get it. Actually using this Outland Fire pit table requires that you have a 20lB propane tank and the tank goes at the bottom of the fire table where you open a large hatch and that then that exposes a 3-foot hose that has a 5-inch adapter that you can use to attach the propane tank. Then you have to turn on the propane tank all the way.

Once the propane tank is turned on all the way, you can then actually turn on the fire in the center of the table via the dial that it has when you push it in and turn it to the left to either low or higher fire. With that said, this fire pit table even has an Auto-ignition, there are times that the fire simply does not light and that means you have to move the rocks out of the way and then light the fire with a match or a lighter. It’s a small set-back and once you do light it up, you can continue experiencing what this table has to offer.

A Few Other Features

The table has a large siding that goes all the way around the fire table and that’s where you’re able to place your drinks and food if you’re out eating on your patio. Or you can very well just lower the fire and have your family and friends sit at the table and have a good time too. The center of this table is the focal point and that’s because it’s where the fire comes from. The table actually comes with a 15-pound bag of Arctic Ice decorative rocks that glisten when you turn on the fire. That said, this table doesn’t come with three things that you might want to consider getting.

The first thing is a glass lid that goes on top of the center of the table and that can be used for when you’re not using this table and basically adds a very nice finished look and you’re able to use this table as a full table when it’s in use too. Another piece would be the Tempered Glass Wind Guard that keeps the flame safe from wind and also adds some aesthetics to this table as it reflects the fire.

Something cool that we found is that you’re able to place the center lid on top of the wind shield and it fits perfectly.

The final thing that you should consider getting is the covering. You can find all the things together right here.


Structure and Material:

Yes, a covering for this fire pit table is a must if you plan on leaving it outside at all times on your patio and that’s because there are few places that it uses which are stainless steel and most of it is able to be rundown by rain and winds. For example, it has a stainless steel burner and burn pan but two things don’t exactly matter when it comes to the rain and how the table looks like. If you do plan on keeping this table in-doors then you don’t have to worry about purchasing this cover.



You shouldn’t be purchasing this fire pit table for the heat as the heat isn’t too strong even at its highest settings. On the bright side, even having the fire at its highest setting means that it barely burns any fuel and therefore you’re able to save quite a lot no matter how much power you’re using from it. The heat and the fire from this table are more for the ambiance


Speaking of ambiance, this fire pit table is absolutely beautiful when you use it, and it becomes even better if you were to purchase the top glass when it isn’t in use and also the windshield too. Also, using this table it quite easy as there’s a clear spot to place the 20lb propane tank that you use with it and to turn it on you just have to turn the knob and it’ll automatically turn on as it uses an Auto-ignition.

However, there are times that you have to move the center rocks and light the fire with a match or a lighter as the spark ignition with this fire pit table doesn’t always work.


The build quality with this Outland Fire Table is top notch from its glass to its center stone and also using this fire table is also another powerful part. To keep this fire table in top notch condition though, you’re definitely going to want to consider getting a cover and that’s because you’re able to keep it safe from rain and wind that would otherwise wear down the materials that it has.

Specs of this Outland Aluminum Frame Propane Fire Pit Table Model 401:

  • Heat Output: 35,000 BTUs
  • Usage: Uses an Electric Auto Ignition
  • Build: Aluminum Frame
  • Size: 44 in. x 32 in. x 23 inches
  • Weight: 96 Pounds
  • Comes with: Glass Fire Rocks


A Fire Pit table is a great purchase that we think you’ll love if you want a more modern looking patio while still having a functional and useful thing to use while you’re relaxing with your friends and family.

Outland Fire Table, Aluminum Frame Propane Fire Pit Table w/Black Tempered Glass Tabletop Resin Wicker Panels & Arctic Ice Glass Rocks, Model 401 35,000 BTU Auto-ignition (Espresso Brown)

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  • Stunning high quality 35,000 BTU propane fire table with auto-ignition ensures a clean and smokeless flame. Silver Medal Winner from the 2016 International Design Awards for Best Design in Outdoor Patio Furniture!
  • CSA approved propane fire table is safe to use during most fire bans and offers effortless lighting and flame height adjustments; easily assemble in approximately 30 minutes with thorough user friendly instructions.
  • Includes pre-attached 3 ft hose with regulator, type 304 stainless steel burner & burn pan, and 15.5 lb Artic Ice decorative glass rock set; measures L 44" x W 32" x H 23".
  • Powder coated aluminum frame construction, espresso brown resin wicker base, and 8 mm black tempered glass tabletop; perfect for the backyard, patio, deck, poolside, or other outdoor living space.
  • Water Resistant Black Soft Cover, Tempered Clear Glass Lid insert, and Tempered Clear Glass Wind Fence are now available separately. Save $20 over purchasing each accessory separately with the 3 Piece Accessory Set!

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