Review: SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion Exchange Filter

SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion Exchange Filter









  • Can increase humidity in a 500 sq. ft room
  • Two outputs that can be turned 360 degrees
  • Mist can be set to Warm or Cool
  • Uses an Ion Exchange Filter


  • Does not use a remote
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2020)

We all have different needs when it comes to our households, at times we need fans as the heat from the summer is just too much to bear. The one other seasons that turns things upside down is Winter, and it’s quite a lot more intense than Summer as you have to bundle up and brave the cold. Winter also has a hard effect on our bodies besides getting sick easily. The effect would be cracking our skin due to dryness and Winter also makes the humidity in our homes drop.

Humidity in a home is important as having a good amount of moisture within the air makes it easier to breathe, no matter who you are. That’s why owning and using a humidifier during the winter months is a good idea as it’ll improve your quality of life.

In this review, we’re going over this SPT SU-4010 Model humidifier that has gained quite a bit of popularity on the market. Humidifiers these days are quite powerful and useful, so let’s see if this one stands up to that statement.


The first thing that you’re going to want to know when it comes to using this SPT humidifier is just how well it performs. The thing with humidity in the first place is that many people don’t know how much humidity is a good amount. The good amount of humidity that should be present in your house should be 40% – 50%. So why don’t you want to go lower than that?

Going lower than that means that you’re going to have less water vapor in the air, which is what a humidifier is trying to prevent by adding more moisture to the air. Then the goal should be to get 100% humidity, right? Nope, having too much humidity in your house can lead to mold growth and that can lead to some unsightly things, extra cleaning, and also damaged walls too as high humidity can affect paint.

When it comes to this SPT humidifier, one of the things that make it great and a lot of other humidifiers like it equally great too is that it’s Ultra Sonic. That means that the mechanism within the humidifier vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency which enables the water in the humidifier to get released as fog. The great thing about Ultra Sonic tech is that they’re able to release vapor mist at a faster rate and that means you’re able to get more humidity in the room.

In this case, at its highest setting, this SPT humidifier has a 400/cc output. We did a test within a living room that started at a humidity of 19% and after about an hour and a half the humidity went up to about 30%. The humidifier was at its highest setting and on warm mist, during this test that was done in February. That’s not too bad, but one of the main things you have to consider when it comes to using humidifiers and has them affect humidity is that it matters how large the room is that you’re using one in.

If this SPT humidifier were to be used within a bedroom then it would have a much faster effect as there’s less area to deal with and fewer places for moisture to go.

Most of the time you’re going to want to want to use this humidifier on its highest setting as it’s able to give more humidity to the environment at a faster rate.

Water Usage

There’s also the water usage that you want to account for. For the most part, this humidifier is long-lasting without having to constantly refill it. At the same time, having to refill a humidifier with water isn’t something that most people are going to find to be a hassle as tap water would work just fine.

That said, there are two different temperature settings on this humidifier which do affect how long the humidifier lasts. It can last for 10 hours when you have the warm mist on and it’s running on higher. Or if you the humidifier on high, with cool mist on, then it’ll last for 12 hours.

The reason that it lasts for a lesser amount of time with Warm mist is that there’s more evaporation happening with the water as the humidifier is heating the water. Not too much of a surprise.


There isn’t anything to assemble when you get this humidifier, but there are things that go together to make it whole. That said, you, of course, won’t be needing a screw or any tools because that would just be ridiculous as this is just a humidifier.

Size and Weight:

Once you have the entire humidifier put together you end up with a height of 13.2 inches, a width of 12.4 inches, and a thickness of 5.3 inches. So this is a decently sized humidifier that won’t be taking up too much space at all, but of course, you can’t expect it to be super small otherwise it wouldn’t be able to hold in the 4 liters that it’s currently able to.

The weight of this humidifier is 7.5 pounds so you’re easily able to carry it around from one room to the other.

Functional Components:

When it comes to the controls of this humidifier, it’s easy to use. Just plug the humidifier into an AC outlet with its 6-foot power cord and you’re able to use the controls knobs.

The left dial is used to set the Humidity level from Low to High so it changes how fast the water vapor is coming out of the humidifier. Then the right dial is used to turn ON/OFF the humidifier, and either change it to Cold or Warm Mist. Also, once you have the humidifier on there’s a Greenlight that turns on to indicate that it’s on.

Above the power light is a Red light that comes on to show you when the water is low and that you need to refill it.

The lights on this humidifier are quite bright, so if you’re trying to sleep and are sensitive to light when sleeping, it’s best to cover it up with electrical tape.

When you have the humidifier running, it comes out of two nozzles and this is one of the best parts of using this humidifier as there’s quite a bit of water vapor that you can have outputted. Another great part about the nozzles is that they can be adjusted within a 360-degree angle. So you get more of the room exposed to water vapor.

To feel the water, you simply take the blue water tank and refill it through the top of the tank. You also have to replace the Ion Exchange about Once a year.


Structure and Material:

The entirety of this SPT humidifier is made of plastic, it has a nice structure overall, but just make sure that you don’t have it drop from a high height, or else that plastic could very well break.

There’s also the part of cleaning this humidifier and that’s a need if you want to maintain it. However, something that most users are confused about is just how often they should clean the water tank. We recommend every time you use up a full tank of water. To clean this tank, you should use a brush as you’re just cleaning through a large hole, and using a brush will be more helpful when it comes to reaching those hard to reach places.


The function of the Ion Exchange filter is to market the water molecules that come out of this humidifier to be softer. It’s a relief to know that you only have to replace it only once a year. If the humidifier is fully depleted of water, it will automatically turn off and that is a good thing because if it were to continuously run without water that could be a fire hazard.



It outputs a good amount of water vapor, even with rooms such as a living room; the humidifier was able to deal some moisture, so using it within smaller rooms will have a faster effect. The Ultra Sonic tech can push out vapor at a faster rate.


Using this humidifier is easy as two main dials control its functionality and the two nozzles at the top can be adjusted to face around other angles.


It has a good build quality, but just make sure that you place it on a secure platform so that it doesn’t fall over and break. Cleaning it isn’t an issue as long as you’re using a brush, and doing so every time a full tank depletes.

SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier Specs
Humidity Output400cc/hour
Square Feet Coverage500 sq. ft.
Water Tank Capacity4.0L
Filter TypeION exchange filter
SettingsOn / Off switch with Cold and Warm Mist settings
Dial for Low or High rate Humidity setting
Comes AssembledYes
Uses a RemoteNo
ControlsButton for Turning On, Low heat and High heat
Dial for thermostat
Does it Oscillate?No
Size13.1" W x 5.3" D x 12.4" H inches
Weight7.5 pounds


Humidifiers are a very useful appliance to use during the winter months or any time that you find that humidity is running low and you need to raise it. This SPT humidifier has proven itself to be useful during the times when we need it most.

SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion Exchange Filter
  • Dual function: Warm and Cool mist
  • ION exchange filter
  • Ultrasonic generator
  • Humidity output: 400cc/hour
  • Designed for rooms up to 500 sq. ft

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