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  • Has a very High BTU output that's able to spread more heat
  • The design definitely makes it stand out than the rest of the fire pit tablets on the market


  • There isn't enough space at the bottom of the fire pit to place a propane tank, so it has to go outside
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)

Fire pit tables are one of the best outdoor furniture pieces that you can purchase. That’s because they offer a beautiful atmosphere with their fire and they look great in general when you do place it out on your patio, or whatever type of outdoor living space you have. Another reason to consider getting a fire pit table that uses propane is that it’s not nearly as messy as a real fire pit that uses wood as those can cause a lot of smoke and soot while they’re lit; overall, you can’t have a real fire pit on your patio as it can be real fire hazard and that’s why fire pit tables are a lot safer.

This Vineyard fire pit table shows that fire pit tables indeed do have versatility when it comes to them and that’s because of the way it looks and also the functionality of the fire pit table when it comes to heating is another strong area of this product.


The power output when it comes to most fire pit tables is 30,000 to 40,000 BTUs and that’s quite good but at the same time, the sole reason that you’re getting a fire pit table isn’t just for heating. Or at least it shouldn’t be and that‘s because the flame is wilder in a way and therefore the heat isn’t focused on a particular area. So you have to be close to the table to actually feel the heat which is one of the main reasons that most people who purchase fire pit tables are underwhelmed by the heat.

Feeling the Heat:

In this case, this Bond Vineyard fire pit table has a power output of 50,000 BTUs and this is considerably higher than what most other fire pit tables are capable of. It’s with this BTU output that you’re able to feel the heat from about 6-7 feet away if you have the heat at the highest level. Having the heat at the highest level is very well the way that you’re mostly going to want to use the table and that’s because you’re able to make the most use of it. Having the heat at a lower level makes sense if you’re sitting a lot closer to the table if you have wanted to place your feet at the edges of the table and that is actually a common way to use this table as it has a low height making it comfortable to place your feet on it.

Fuel Usage:

To actually fuel this fire pit table you’re going to need a 20LB propane tank, and the duration that you can use a single tank for is actually average. Using the fire pit table on its highest setting will result in an 8-hour duration of use, so if you want a propane tank to last longer then you should ultimately use it at a lower setting.


One of the parts that most people are scared of when it comes to fire pit tables would be the assembly. This Vineyard fire pit table, fortunately, has no assembly that’s required and that’s absolutely awesome as the table is a just single piece. The only real assembly would be connecting the hose to the burner and propane tank that you se, and also popping in an AAA battery for the ignition so that you can actually light the fire.

Size and Weight:

The size of this fire pit table is average but does have a lower height than most other fire pit tables. It has a diameter of 34.65 inches as it’s a circle, and the height of this table is 18 inches so it sits lower than most fire pit tables that are 24 inches. Overall, the height is what makes this table a lot more appealing and that’s because it acts as more of a fire pit since it’s more close to the ground and therefore you have more of a commanding sight over it and can take advantage of the heat more as the heat rises from a more ground level.

The weight of this table is actually quite heavy as it weighs 70 Pounds. So if you do plan on picking this fire pit table up then you should have someone else help you.

Functional Components:

When it comes to actually using this fire pit then it’s overall, quite easy. That said, just something that you should know is that the 20LB propane tank that you use with this fire pit cannot be placed inside. Just to repeat that, you can’t fit the propane tank inside this fire pit table, and we realize that most fire pit tables allow you to place the propane tank inside the table but that can’t be done in this case as it has a low height.

No Space Inside

As a result, you have to place the propane tank outside and that can be done using the 8-foot gas pipe that’s connected to the burner and then you can use it to connect to the propane tank. Not the most elegant looking thing, at the same time it works and we think it isn’t a flaw as the table even comes with a propane tank holder. Once you have the propane tank hooked up, just turn the valve all the way to on.

Then you can turn your attention to the ignition button and the dial knob. You have to make sure that the ignition has an AAA battery within it so that it actually works. Press the knob in and set it to Low. Once that’s done press the ignition button multiple times for about 30 seconds and then the fire should turn on. Then you can adjust the fire however much you want from low to higher and in between.

The rocks that come with this fire pit are Lava rocks and even though it’s nice that the table comes with rocks of its own, Lava rocks are very lackluster. That’s why to recommend using fire glass as they offer more ambiance when you have the fire lit. You’ll need about 20 pounds of fire glass to be able to fully encompass the rock bowl in the center of the table.


Structure and Material:

They did a great job at making the top of the table look like it’s really made of stone and the bottom of the table making it look like it’s made of wood. That said, most of this table is made of composite material and even though that sounds bad, the materials are still quite durable. At the same time, you should most definitely take advantage of the covering that comes with the table as the composite can be worn down through rain, and wind.

When it comes to high winds, this fire pit table can’t be blown over easily or at all for that matter simply because of its weight.



The power output of this fire pit table is very good and higher than most other fire pit tables and that means you can feel more of the heat further away from the fire pit. Fuel usage can vary depending on how high you have the heat.


The lower height is actually a great form factor scheme as it allows you to feel more of the heat. The propane tank can’t fit inside the fire pit table and some may see that as a negative part of it.



The table isn’t really made of the materials that it looks like, and is actually made of composite. Wear and tear can happen if you don’t use the cover and let it get exposed to the elements and winds. So just make sure that you use the cover.

Specs of this Vineyard Wine Barrel Propane Fire Pit:

  • Heat Output:

50,000 BTUs

  • Usage:

-Ignition Button and Dial to Control the Fire

  • Build: Composite Material
  • Size:  34.65 x 34.65  x 18 inches
  • Weight: 70 Pounds


This Vineyard fire pit table isn’t the most luxurious looking but its functionality can basically outclass quite a lot of other fire pit tables that might “look” better.

Vineyard Propane Fire Pit - 34.65in. Dia. x 18in.H

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