Review: Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control

Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control









  • Is able to heat up large or small rooms, due to the large and powerful fan
  • Uses Digital screen that makes it easier to set a timer, set thermostat to a specific temperature and to change the heat setting
  • Features safety protections such as shutting off if it overheats or auto-shut off due to falling over


  • Does not feature a remote to use with the digital screen
(Last Updated On: March 22, 2020)

At this point, many of the appliances that we use in our homes are made and sold by a lot of brands. With so many brands selling a lot of the same core appliances, it calls for innovation and that is a very good thing. The competition between brands has made it so that consumers can purchase better products or at least we’re able to have a more widespread selection of high-quality products. This can be said about heaters, and that’s why we’re doing a review on this Vornado AVH10 heater.

Vornado is one of the brands that has innovated well with their products and this AVH10 heater is proof of that as it’s not just your regular personal heater that lets off a little heat. It’s very useful on a larger scale, and the settings or the way that you go about using it is not used a lot with other heaters. So let’s take a closer look.


Feeling the Heat:

The first thing that you should know before we begin is that the model that we’re reviewing is the AVH30, and Amazon does not sell this version. Instead, Amazon sells the AVH10 model of this heater and the only difference is that the AVH30 model has a timer, and the AVH10 model does not use a timer. Other than that, both of these models are the same thing.

This Vornado heater is one of the top tier ones from Vornado it’s known as a Whole room heater, which of course means that it can potentially heat an entire room. We find that to be a correct statement. Vornado does sell smaller Whole room heaters than this one, but this one has a larger size with a bigger fan and therefore it’s able to push out more heat at a once.

That said, one of the strange things that we found with this AVH30 heater in comparison to the ones that come before it is that it only has two heating settings. There’s a low heat setting that has an output of 750Watts which is 2,559 BTUs. The one other setting is the High setting and it has an output of 1500Watts and that translates into 5,122 BTUs.

Even though we do find it strange that they got rid of the Medium heat setting, at the same time it makes sense, because of just how powerful this heater is. Even the low setting with this Whole Room heater can provide a bunch of heat, and in our case of testing, we were able to heat an entire bedroom with just the low setting and placing the thermostat at 75 degrees.

Using the heater on its High setting makes sense if you’re wanting to heat a larger area such as a living room, or even a garage because this heater is capable of that. Once the area is heated up to a good point, we recommend placing it at Low heat to maintain it. Some might find that it was a short-cut that they took to not add Medium heat setting at 1,125Watts, but at the same time, the larger size and fan of the heater make up for just the two settings that it has.

Also, there’s the Thermostat. The Thermostat doesn’t affect the heat that comes out of this Vornado heater, it just tells the heater that you want the room at this temperature. Then the heater will stay running until it reaches your desired temperature, and it’ll turn back on if the Thermostat heating level goes back down.

Power Usage:

There are just two main heating settings with this Vornado heater and we find that to be a good thing. As you can either use the Low with 750Watts at a constant rate or the high setting with 1500Watts at a constant rate. Using the High setting for a short while is the best way to go as a way not to increase your electrical bill too much. That said, you can’t use something like this heater and not expect your electricity bill to go up just a little bit.

Using the low setting more than the high is the best way to make sure that the increase in your bill payment isn’t crazy high.


Functional Components:

The controls of this heater are different than what you’d expect with many other heaters on the market that usually feature knobs and buttons.

Has an LCD Screen

This Vornado heater does feature buttons, but not in the same typical manner that other heaters use them as this one uses an LCD screen that works with the buttons. It does a good at it too, with a pretty straightforward user experience that anyone can use.

Once the heater is plugged in, you can then press the power button to the left of the screen to turn on the heater. Once the heater is on, all of the other buttons are usable.

Using the Thermostat

At the bottom of the screen is where you’ll find a “+” and “-” button and those control the Thermostat. You’re able to set the Thermostat down to 60 and up to 90 degrees. The heater will stay on until the set temperature is met,  then turn. Once the temperature in the room goes below the set Thermostat temperature, it will automatically turn on again.

Heat Setting and Timer

The other two buttons are to the right of the screen, and they are the heat settings and the timer setting. The heat setting switches the heater from Low to High and also to Fan. Yes, this heater can just blow air out, just without the heat. We found that the Fan setting on this heater was useful once you’ve already heated a room and just want to circulate the air without heating it anymore.

The button on the heat setting button is the Timer button, and you can set a timer for how long the heater should stay turned on for. You’re able to set it to stay on for 1 to 12 minutes.

To turn the heater off, you can just press the power button again.

At the bottom of the heater is where the power cord can be wrapped up and hidden away for storage and it’s also where you’ll find the tip-over safety switch. This is one of the main flaws with this heater, and the reason that the tip-over switch is a flaw is that it’s too depressed into the heater, therefore, it doesn’t always press in.

If the tip-over switch isn’t pressed into the heater then you can’t even turn it on. We found that we had to pick it up and place it back down a few times for the switch to go inside the heater and allow us to use it.

Size and Weight:

The size of this AVH10 Vornado heater is identical to the VH10 model that we’ve done a review on as well. So it has a 12-inch height, a width of 11.7 inches, and a depth of 9.3 inches. The weight of the heater is 5.4 pounds. So not too large at all, and not so large for what it’s capable of.


Structure and Material:

The outside of this heater is made of plastic and the buttons are too. Overall, everything has a very good hold. Just make sure that it can’t fall off the place that you put it, as it can break if it falls from high ground and onto hard-flooring.


Using this heater is very safe, as it has a tip-over safety mechanism at the bottom that automatically turns it off once it’s unpressed. It also has an automatic shut-off for if it overheats, for example, if a piece of clothing comes over it and prevents it from cooling down.



There’s a lot of heat that’s outputted with this heater, at first we found it strange that it only had two heat settings. At the same time, it makes sense with the fan being larger and so there’s more heat being outputted with even the Low heat setting. Perfect heating for either bedrooms or living rooms too.


It uses a digital screen along with few buttons. With just a few button clicks you’re able to control the heat settings, timer, and the thermostat. The only troublesome part was the tip-over switch the bottom wouldn’t press in, which would prevent us from even using this heater. You have to make sure that it’s on a completely flat surface that you’re placing this on.


It has a solid build quality, especially when it comes to its safety. With tip-over safety and also overheating shut-off too.

Specs for Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control:

  • Heat Output:

Hight Heat – 1500Watts – 5,118 BTUs

Low Heat – 750Watts – 2,559 BTUs

  • Usage:

-Digital Display that allows you to set a timer, change the thermostat, and heat level

  • Build: Plastic
  • Size: 12″H x 11.7″W x 9.3″D inches
  • Weight: 5.4 Pounds


This Vornado AVH30 model shows the innovation that Vornado has placed into its heaters, as it has a powerful heating system and an intuitive user experience too.

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