Review: Vornado EH1-0095-06 VH10 Vortex Heater

Vornado EH1-0095-06 VH10 Vortex Heater









  • Great for heating up rooms whether small or large
  • Easy to use with only two switches and a dial for the thermostat
  • Has a handle at the back that makes it easier to move
  • Features safety such auto-shut off and tip-over protection


  • The thermostat does not have any specific temperature labels

Heaters are vital to nearly any household, as nobody likes to be cold inside their home or anywhere. That’s the reason why there are so many heaters on the market, many brands are out there simply because of the high demand for heaters. There are quite a few great brands and at the same time, there are a lot of low-quality ones. Also, the way a heater function is vital to know as well, as the ones that use oil and radiate heat are simply a thing of the past these days.

In this review, we’re focusing on this Vornado VH10 heater. Vornado is a brand that produces a lot of home appliances, such as fans and heaters. They’re somewhat like the Apple of these types of home appliances, just without the insanely high prices. Not to say that this heater is the exact very low priced but for the price that you’re getting for it, you’re able to get a lot from the quality.

So let’s take a closer look.


Feeling the Heat:

This Vornado heater is in the higher tier of what the brand offers, as they offer a small whole room heater that we’ve also done a review on. They also have a Personal heater that’s great to use for just a single person nearby.

That said, this is a larger version of their Whole Room heater series and because it’s larger, you’re going to be able to heat a room faster. There are two main versions of this Vornado heater, There’s the VH30 model that uses three heat settings, which is the one that we’re reviewing right here.

The other one is the VH10 model that uses only two settings, and that’s the only difference between the two models. Just something else to know is that the VH30 model is not available on Amazon, unfortunately, but you can get a similar VH10 model from Amazon.

So, the three heat settings are Low with an output of 750Watts, 1125Watts at Medium and High has an output of 1,500Watts. If you want to know the BTU output of the heat then take a look below.

Level 1 – Wattage 750 – 2559 BTU

Level 2 – Wattage 1125 – 3997 BTU

Level 3 – Wattage 1500 – 5122 BTU

How is the actual heat with this Vornado Whole Room heater and can it heat an entire room? The answer to that question is most definitely, yes. The larger size of this heater makes it able to output a lot more heat at once, a lot better than its small model. When it comes to heating a bedroom, placing this heater on a Low or Medium heat setting is the best way to use it, as the fan inside of the heater is large and can push out more heat at a faster rate. All you have to do is adjust the heat with the left dial so the heater stays on till you feel content with the temperature of the heat.

What calls for placing this heater on its highest setting at 1500Watts? You might be thinking. In our experience placing the heater on “High” is most useful for living rooms as they have a larger area, therefore the heater has to deal with heating a larger space. Or if you want, placing the heater on high can be used for heating a bedroom faster and then placing it on a lower setting. The same thing is true for the high setting when it comes to living rooms, as the high setting makes the heat that comes out of this Vornado heater a lot hotter, and then once the room is heated up, you can lower the heat setting and let it cruise.

Overall, what makes this Vornado heater so spectacular when it comes to its heating capabilities is its larger fan and that enables it to output more heat at a fast speed. As a result, the Low and Medium setting is a lot more powerful than you might think.

Fuel Usage:

The amount of power usage that you use with the heater is going to depend on what heat setting you’re using it on. Using it constantly at 1500 Watts will likely increase your electrical bill and that’s why we highly recommend that you use the High setting sparingly as it doesn’t use a lot of power, and why using the Low and Medium heat settings are the better option. Both for heating a room and saving as much power use with your home as possible.


Functional Components:

Using this heater is very simple,

At the bottom of the Vornado heater is where the power cord can be wrapped up so it’s easier for storage and once you unwrap it, just make sure that you have the cord coming out of the back of the heater. Once you plug in the heater you’re ready to use it, so long as the heater is on a flat surface. Why must the heater be on a flat surface? That’s because it has a tip-over safety mechanism at the bottom that must be pushed in to turn on the heater.

Once it’s in place, there are three controls. It has an ON/OFF switch, and once you turn on the heater it has a Red light that comes on indicating that it’s on. The two main controls that you’re going to be using are the heat setting switch and the Thermostat knob.

The heat setting button switches have three sets with Low being in the middle, Medium being on top and High being at the bottom. To the left is where the Thermostat dial is, this is the only annoying part of the heater. For some reason, Vornado though it would be a good idea to make the heater look more futuristic with having an indented dial that only makes it more difficult to move around versus the usual dial that has something to grab onto. Also, the Thermostat isn’t numbered, so you just have to go with how you feel.

At the back of the heater is where there’s a built-in handle that makes it easier to move the heater around.

Size and Weight:

The size of this heater is quite large, at the same time, for what it has to offer when it comes to its heating abilities we’re surprised that it’s only this small.

It has a 12-inch height, a width of 11.7 inches, and a depth of 9.3 inches. The weight of it is 5.1 pounds. Nothing absurd at all as the heater is only a foot tall, and the best part is that placing this on the ground in a corner is one of the best places to put it and it’ll have to problems fitting in a corner because of its small size.

That said, if you’re placing it on the table, then make sure not to place it on the edge, on a small table or a wobbly one as this is still quite large.


Structure and Material:

The entire heater is made of plastic and that’s not anything bad as most heaters within this segment are made of plastic. The functional parts of the heater feel great to use, with the buttons being clicky and the dial working well despite its horrid design.


Vornado did a great job when it comes to their safety with their heaters. As this one has a Tip-over safety mechanism that makes the heater turn off automatically not only if it starts to tip over and fall, but it also automatically turns off if you’re moving it around while it’s still on. This heater also has two automatic shut-offs for when it overheats, with something foreign comes in front of the heater being the reason that it can overheat.



This heater does a great job of outputting a very good amount of heat, not only because of its powerful three settings but also because of its large size and a large fan. The Low and Medium heat settings are going to be your most used, while the High setting is useful for getting things warm at a faster rate.


It’s perfectly sized heater only being a foot tall, and placing it in the corner is one of the best ways to use it. Using this heater is easy, the only problem is the Thermostat dial as it has an indented circle that makes it very difficult to move around.


It has quite a few safety protections that enable you not to have to worry about harmful things happening either to you or the heater itself.

Specs for Vornado EH1-0095-06 VH10 Vortex Heater:

  • Heat Output:

Hight Heat – 1500Watts – 5,118 BTUs

Medium Heat – 1125Wattage – 3,997 BTUs

Low Heat – 750Watts – 2,559 BTUs

  • Usage:

-On/Off Switch, a three-level button for heat level and dial for thermostat

  • Build: Plastic
  • Size: 12″H x 11.7″W x 9.3″D inches
  • Weight: 5.1 Pounds


This Vornado heater is one of the best heaters that you can purchase for nearly any room in our house and the best part is that you don’t have to go all out with the heat settings as it’s already powerful enough at its lower settings.

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