Review: Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater

Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater









  • Uses a Fan Mode along with its Low and High Heat settings
  • Features timer options that are quite rare for such a small heater
  • Uses a design that allows the heater to circulate the air that comes out of it


  • The heater does not oscillate

There aren’t too many brands on the market that try to be better than their competitors, at the same time the whole point of competing is to be better than those that you’re competing against. This is definitely the case with heaters, as most brands do have different categories of heaters that they sell, but at times it feels that you’re basically looking at the same things. However, within each industry, there are brands that tend to stand out from the crowd and the one that we’re talking about here is, Vornado.

Vornado is a brand that has made heaters into a more stylish and capable product within most heater categories. Whether it’s a Whole Room heater or a Small Room one, Vornado adds a good amount of value to their products when it comes to the way that their products function.

In this review, we’re focusing on this Vornado SRTH Small Room heater that holds very minimal controls, and what seems to be a personal heater. It’s a bit more capable than what it lets on, though.


Feeling the Heat:

The heating with this Vornado heater has a lower output than most other small heaters that are similar to it. Most of the time when it comes to heaters that are similar to this one, the first heat setting is quite low and the higher one is actually very high. At the same time, the fan is quite weak, so what you’re left with is the inability to be able to take advantage as much heat as you can.

With this Vornado heater, things are a little different. There are two main heat settings with this heater. With the Low setting using 450Watts of power and that’s 1,535 BTUs. While the high setting has an output power of 900Watts which is 3,070 BTUs. So what’s the heating actually like with this heater? Pretty good, and it can actually be better than mini heaters that have high settings with an output of 1500Watts.

Power and Design Combined

The reason that the heating with this Vornado SRTH heater is very good is that of the power that’s inside, and also because of the curvature of where the heat comes from. Yes, the curvature. Since this heater does oscillate it does have a structure that has a curve built within the heater and therefore when the heater is let out it goes out at an angle and this makes the air coming circulate without the need of using an oscillating feature.

When it comes to using this heater in its low settings, then it’s best to have it close to you. That said, this is truly a Small Room heater, placing this heater on High, it enables this heater to heat up a bedroom. However, this heater is not as powerful as other larger heaters that we’ve also reviewed from Vornado. So it can take a long time for it to heat up a room, and we recommend closing the door to the room that you’re trying to heat up so the cold air can’t come in and the warm air can’t go out.

If you just want to circulate the air around the room without adding heat, this heater also has a fan setting; where all it does is just output air without the heat. Also, there is no thermostat with this heater, so you cannot set it to stay on until it reaches a certain amount of temperature. Although it does have a timer setting, we’ll get to that in the functional components settings of this review.

Fuel Usage:

Even though it might seem bad that this heater doesn’t have a 1500Watt high setting, it’ actually plus when you consider that you’re going to be saving money when it comes to your electrical bill. So using this heater on high for an extended amount of time is actually possible as it’s not nearly as high as the 1500Watt power that some heaters use for their high settings. The high setting on this heater is considered to be the low setting for most other heaters.


Functional Components:

Using this heater is actually very easy. The 6-foot power cord must be plugged into an AC Wall Outlet for safety reasons and not an extension cord.

At the top, is where all of the functional parts. However, you have to make sure that the heater is on a completely flat surface before using it. That’s because it has a tip-over safety switch that automatically turns off the heater if it’s angled at 10 degrees. We found that it wouldn’t turn on if it wasn’t completely flat as the push-in mechanism at the bottom of the heater wouldn’t go in. A little frustrating if you just want to use the heater without having to be absolutely careful about the platform you’re placing it on.

At the top is where you’ll find a dial in the center and you can use it to either turn the heater off, put it on fan mode and also switch to the two heat settings. Once the heater is on, there’s Orange light that turns on around the dial to indicate that it’s on. The Orange ring actually turns Red if the heater tilts over.

Another functional part at the top is the timer setting, you can also set the timer to run for 4 hours, so we found that to be cool. This Vornado heater does not come with a remote or a Thermostat setting dial.

Size and Weight:

This heater is built for small-scale use and the size/weight of it reflects just that. It has a height of 12 inches, the width/depth of this heater is 6 inches. The weight of it is 2.6 pounds, so you’re going to have no problems moving it around.


Structure and Material:

The entire heater is made of plastic and this is the norm for most heaters on the market, not just Vornado. The good thing is that you can’t feel the heat on the outside of the heater, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself even if you use the heater for long durations of time.


On the safety side, this heater can automatically shut-off in case something is blocking the air from going through which can cause overheating; it also shuts off if it tips over in the slightest.



The heater has two main settings and even though they’re lower than the heat settings on other heaters, they’re still very useful because of the curve that the heater uses to circulate air around the room.


It has a very simple design scheme that is simple to follow, but the lack of a thermostat dial was kind of a surprise. Also, you must place this heater on a flat surface otherwise the tip over mechanism will activate which will automatically keep this heat offer.


The build is quite good and what you can expect Vornado, and other great heating brands too. As it uses two safety protections.

Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater:

  • Heat Output:

Low Heat – 450Watts1,535 BTUs

High Heat – 900Watts – 3.070BTUs

  • Usage:

-Dial that controls: Power, Fan Mode, Heat Modes

-Timer Buttons

  • Build: Plastic
  • Size:  12 x 6  x 6
  • Weight: 2.6 Pounds


This Vornado SRTH small room heater makes the most with its limiting heating abilities by incorporating structures that ensure that you get the most out of its heating power.

Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater, Black

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  • Signature V-Flow heat circulation with wide heating zone
  • 2 heat settings with fan-only option
  • Automatic safety tip-over switch and overheat shut-off protection
  • Easy-to-use controls with 4-hour auto-off timer
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty

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